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Found source for Monolaurin

Thursday, May 30 2002 - Filed under: General

Hey everybody, I just found a source for monolaurin:

Previously, you had to have your physician order some, but now it looks
like anyone can order.
I just sent one in, so I will let you know what happens.

In case you do not know what monolaurin is, it is an
antiviral/antimicrobial fatty acid.
Lauric Acid, found in coconut oil, gets converted into monolaurin in the gut.
Monolaurin is found in a human breast milk, it is thought to help protect
the nursing baby from infections.

Anyway, for anyone with a chronic infection, you may want to give this a
try or at least investigate it.
The link above gives good info on it.


Message 2

>Monolaurin is available in our health food store. Several family members
>have used it when fighting a cold or virus with wonderful results.


That is great to hear.

The main reason I sent in the email was the price.

If you check out that site, you'll see that you get 227 grams for $34.35
(includes shipping).
That is $0.15/gram

The cheapest I can find in an online health store is:
90 capsules of 300 mg for $14.00
This translates into $0.528/gram
A lot more expensive.

I've conversed with Dr. John Kabara (discoverer of monolaurin) on the
coconut-info list, he's a very nice guy and always willing to help. He's
willing to try monolaurin on almost anything.
Anyone having difficulties with IBD may want to give monolaurin a try.
However, I hate to recommend anything until I try it myself, so that is why
I ordered it.....


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