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Study shows that SCD-comparable diet is more helpful than antibiotics

Saturday, June 01 2002 - Filed under: General

This study proved that a restricted liquid diet with very quickly digested
carbs was significantly more successful at decreasing bacterial overgrowth
vs. the antibiotic Neomycin. Although the diet is not one compatible with the
SCD (maltodextrin and corn syrup), its premise is similar.

While I'm sure we all feel we know this info already, this study is important
because the MD who conducted the study, Dr. Pimentel is mainstream and caused
a minor revolution a couple of years ago with another of his studies that
demonstrated that 70% of IBS IS CAUSED by small bowel bacterial overgrowth
(SBBO). Surprise, surprise. This was reported in the New England Journal of
Medecine as a now proven fact. Of course, your average MD has not caught up
with the ''news.''


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