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My experiences with electrosmog

Monday, September 02 2002 - Filed under: General

Saturday, August 31 2002


I just received a measuring device to measure the GSM (cellular phone),
DECT-telephone, UMTS and other high frequency radiation.
I first measured it at my parent's apartment and there it showed values
around -51 to -55 dBm. Only the green LEDS show those strengths.

Then I went to my apartment. I already noticed that in the city the
values are a bit higher.
Then, when I walked the stairs I noticed, the strength of the radiation
increasing. In my apartment on the 4th floor (highest floor), all red
LEDs turned on showing values of -20 to -25 dBm.

-51 dBm is equal to 0.019 V/m
-20 dBm is equal to 0.68 V/m

So, measured in V/m the fieldstrength in my apartment is about 36 times as high as the fieldstrenght in my parent's place.

I measured the field strength of a GSM cellular phone (during a call) within 5 centimeter range and it showed -34 dBm which equals 0,13 V/m, which is still only one fifth of the constant field strength in our appartment.

So, my thoughts were correct: My brain fogs are probably caused by High Frequency Electrosmog.
In France (rural) I didn't have any brainfog at all. There is no
cellular phone reception at all over there !

Now I will have to find a solution. I can move out and go back to my
parents (who live just out of the city in a big house) or I can try to
use shielding techniques to block the radiation.. Either way, I won't
go back to my apartment for more than an hour until it's solved.

I bought the measuring device here:

Click on the English-flag for the English version.
It's the HF-Detektor II Profi

Perhaps this might turn out to be interesting for those of you who also
suffer from brain fogs..

Sunday, September 01 2002
Threw out the DECT phone (digital wireless) and brain fogs are totally gone now !


I used the HF-Detektor II Profi throughout my parent's place and I discovered the DECT wireless base-station was sending out pulses of very high strength. After some struggles with my mother, who'd rather keep the phone, I disconnected the phone and the field strength dropped to background levels.

It might be a placebo effect, but today I didn't have a single brain fog !

Even better: I feel very bright and clear in my head. I think I haven't felt this good in years. Amazing !

If one of you notices that you feel better or worse on certain places, you might want to check out if you're sensitive to electrosmog.
The worst sources are:

* Cellular phone antenna's in the vincinity
* Microwave ovens
* DECT digital wireless phones (the base-station keeps sending even when not calling)
* Cellular phones and other wireless appliances
* Fluorescent lights
* Televisions (CRT-based like 99% are. LCD or Plasma-screens are much safer)

I discovered it because I stayed in my parent's electrosmog-free house in rural France for 2 weeks and then the brain fogs disappeared. When I got back to my apartment in the city, the brainfog returned with a vengeance. I now stay at my parent's place in Holland, just outside the city. Some rooms in the house have very low field strengths of only 1/256 of the field strengths in my apartment.

I will soon write an article about this on

The Netherlands

P.S. I've been looking for a dietary cause of my brainfogs for over 1.5 years now and in the end it has nothing to do with diet. I'm very glad I found it.

Some details
The DECT phone turned out to be really bad. At 5 centimeter (2 inch) range, it's -0 dBm, at 50cm it's -8 dBm and at three meters still -17 dBm. And that all day long, all night long !

Message 3
>Would someone define ''brain fogs,'' please?

With brain fog I mean the condition in which your mental capabilities
are diminished to a much lower level, you don't feel clear and you feel
a certain pressure in your brain. When I have one, my vocabulary is
smaller, it takes much longer for me to find the right words to
say/write, it takes much longes to solve puzzles, etc..

Most people with Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia suffer from
Here is some info on it:

The interesting part is that (as far as I know) I don't have either CFS
or Fibromyalgia, but my brain fogs responded to the same supplements as
the brain fogs of CFS- or fibromyalgia sufferers. In the end it seems
like it was caused (in my case) by high frequency radiation. I think
this caused the brain-blood barrier to open up, letting substances into
the brain, among which high calcium doses, that in turn cause the brain
fogs.. Some of my theories on this can be found here:

The radiation levels are getting higher and higher each year and now
with the introduction of UMTS, the successor of GSM, it will really get
bad. Swiss studies say that about 60% of the population in European
countries (where UMTS will be released soon) will suffer from it. It's
because UMTS sends out at frequencies equal to the life-frequencies of
our kidneys and liver. And you know how important these vital organs
are to our health.. If it gets really bad I'll flee to rural France,
where the phone-companies can't make profits because of the low
population density.

I hope this explains it a bit better,

The Netherlands

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