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My up-to-date view on diet

Tuesday, September 03 2002 - Filed under: General

This is a list of no-no foods and the reasons why:

Bread : We have never in our evolution eaten grains. Only after the advent of agriculture. It can't be eaten raw. It contains loads of starches, which turn into glucose, which raise bloodsugar levels to very high levels, causing immunity problems, obesity, diabetes II. They are also loaded with antinutrients, are very low in vitamins and minerals and because of the baking they are full of mutagenic and carcinogenic substances.

Potatoes :

Vegetable Oils : Vegetable oils are oxygenated very easily and create many free radicals. Besides that they depress immunity.

Beans : Soy beans and all other beans can't be eaten raw and are full of antinutrients, substances resembling human hormones and vey bad fats, which depress the immunity.

Corn: Contains starch (see bread for the effects) and anti-nutrients. Causes inflammation-diseases.

Good food

Fruit : Especially the lower-carbohydrate, higher-fibre fruits, which resemble ancient fruits

Some vegetables that are digestible when raw

Fish, meat and egg yolk : Preferably raw, but cooked is permissable. Cooking proteins causes many carcinogenic and mutagenic substances.

Nuts : Preferably raw. Note: Peanuts and cashews aren't nuts and aren't beneficial

To be updated as time permits

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