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Keep raising the bar - A Low Carb Parody starring Charlie Brown !

Wednesday, November 20 2002 - Filed under: General

I read this in the Healing Crow community recently. It's written by Seth, the webmaster of , which is a really nice health-related website.


A 6 month study of the Atkins Diet was released at the annual meeting of
the American Heart Association on Monday. A full article can be found here:

I kind of feel that Dr. Atkins (and other low carb advocates) are getting
the Charlie Brown treatment, whereas the general medical community is being
Lucy. You know the cartoon when Charlie keeps trying to kick that football
and Lucy keeps moving it away just at the last moment and he stumbles to
the ground. That is the perfect analogy as to what is happening right now
in the scientific community.

For starters, our Charlie Brown comes up with an excellent way to lose
weight and keep it off. But the Lucy's in this world decided that it just
wasn't good enough. According to, ''Lucy Van Pelt works hard at
being bossy, crabby and selfish.'' That is exactly what the so called
experts in nutrition are doing. So Lucy's first response is to yank the
ball away from Charlie and say, ''You have no scientific proof that this
diet is any good or healthy.''
So our determined Charlie Brown decides to go out and get some proof. He
even starts feeding snoopy BARF. Not only is snoopy feeling great, but
Charlie is too and he is growing some muscle mass. While listening to the
music of Schroeder, Charlie studies over the scientific literature and
finds a lot of historical data supporting his diet.

So the next day he brings his findings to Lucy on the football field. ''Good
work Charlie,'' Lucy replies. ''Go ahead, kick the ball and get a field
goal.'' So Charlie gets ready and races to kick the ball. Lucy yanks it away
and Charlie stumbles to the ground. ''You have no scientific studies to back
this up, Charlie. Nice try.''

So determined yet again to kick the ball, Charlie goes back to the drawing
board. Snoopy's friend Woodstock knows a couple of scientists at Duke
University that may be able to get him a study. Charlie does this, and
tries to kick the ball again. But again, it is not good enough. Lucy says,
''It's such a scam, Charlie. The study just wasn't good enough. Eat your
fruits and vegetables, everyone knows that!''

So you can see where this is going. As long as Lucy is in control, Charlie
will never kick that ball. Should he form his own team and play football
without her? I don't know. But for as long as I have read that strip,
Charlie never tries to kick that ball unless Lucy is holding it.

For an example of what I am talking about see:



Here are some nice quotes:

''We seem to have here one of those problems wherein people readily agree on what it would take to establish something they very much do not want to believe--and then when, contrary to anyone's expectations, the evidence actually emerges strongly supportive of the belief, they return (for no persuasive reason) to add more conditions to what it would take to establish what they very much do not want to accept. And they continue to do so until it is virtually impossible that any such evidence should ever emerge.''
--Robert Almeder, Dept. of Philosophy, GSU

''What would be proof to you?''
--Jeffrey Keene

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