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The Reams view on Crohn’s Disease

Tuesday, December 03 2002 - Filed under: General

I've done some more brainstorming:

* I think Crohn's disease is not a problem of the intestines, but more a problem of the liver.

In an acidified body, the liver can't work for 100% anymore and it can't produce and deliver all 6 billion enzymes anymore.
Reams stated that Diabetes (2 or also 1 ?) can easily be cured by regenerating the liver by taking the lemon-distilled water treatment.
The liver regenerates --> It produces the enzymes for the other organs to regenerate --> All organs regenerate

The word *enzyme* triggered a new thought:
The duodenum produces enzymes, needed for the digestion of di- and polysaccharides.
Suppose, like most other organs, the duodenum gets it enzyme *input* from the liver..

In that case, regenerating the liver, will regenerate the duodenum, which will re-enable digestion of complex carbohydrates..

The liver also produces the bile, which is anionic and which counters the cationic food.. Without sufficient anionic bile, you can't digest the food and you can't get any energy out of your cationic food..

* Crohn's could also be a problem of a too acidified body and also a too acidified colon

There are different approaces to de-acidify the body and in turn also the intestines:

* Base Powder as on
Taken in between meals this increases the pH of the stomach fluids, trigger the stomach lining to produce more acids and taking their acid input from the rest of the body..
Net result: Body gets de-acidified

* Coral Calcium

* Sodium bicarbonate


What do you think of the above thoughts ?
Has anyone tried anything like this before ?

Thanks in advance for your input,

The Netherlands

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