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The Reams view on Ulcerative Colitis

Tuesday, December 03 2002 - Filed under: General

This summary is the best I can give and perhaps I've misinterpreted some things.
It would be the best if you'd check out (i.e. print and read) the linked articles below..
Here it is:

I'm quite convinced the real cause of ulcerative colitis was found in 1976 (and probably even before that).
Dr. Carey Reams discovered some amazing things..

A short overview can be found here:

And if you want to get to the bottom of things, you should check out:

A very short summary with the specifics on Ulcerative Colitis:
The SAD has far more acid components in it than alkaline. Over time, this causes the acidification of all tissue, including the intestines.
Pasteur was wrong in saying that microbes are monomorphic. In fact, as Bechamp and Enderlein and many more say, microbes are polymorphic.
This means that you can take a certain bacteria, then change the ''soil'' it's in and it will instantly ''transform'' into another species, be it bacteria, viri, fungi, yeast or any other form.
The smallest element of life is the protit, as Enderlein called it. At pH-levels near 7, it lives in harmony with the body.
An altered pH changes the ''soil'' and forces the friendly protit to transform into pathogenic forms.
At the extremes, when the body is extremely acidified, they transform into carcinogene microbe forms, causing cancerous tumors.
Somewhere in between this extreme and pH-neutral the protits turn in all other disease-causing microbes.
Note, this includes: Heart-disease causing microbes and all degenerative diseases..
In fact, it's wrong to say they *cause* the disease. The bad soil is the disease and the microbes are the *result* of it..

Imagine what happens when the pH in the colon is too acid.. You can introduce probiotics but they end up in a hostile environment and transform into pathogenic forms..
The SCDiet is nice to suppress the problem, as it starves the critters.. Alas, the real cause won't disappear.. The soil won't change.

*THE* way to change the soil for the better is to get pH back to normal levels. The key organ at this point, is the liver.
The liver pours bile into the intestines and this bile is anionic, meaning that it's alkaline. It neutralizes the stomach acids and balances the cations in the food.
All food is cationic with one exception: The lemon. The lemon is an anionic food and it regenerates the liver, so that it can produce the right amount of bile again, and over time neutralizing the pH of the intestines. That way, the soil has returned to its natural pH and it will be the perfect place for ''good'' bacteria, living in harmony with the host.

Once the liver regenerates, it can produce all 6 billion enzymes again and this will in turn regenerate all other organs in the body (the pancreas, etc)..
This is an amazing process and rejuvenates all organs up to the level of the organs in a 3-year old..

This information must be quite amazing to you, but I'm already 99% convinced it's true.. It finished the medicine puzzle.. Pasteur and Koch have made some *big* errors in the end of the 19th century by claiming that microbes are monomorphic.. Our ''modern'' medicine is based on complely wrong foundations.

*Please* read the articles and get convinced (or not), but I will guarantee you, you'll find it very interesting..
And the book, ''The curse causeless shall not come''

Good luck,
and before your try anything, read the disclaimer on using lemon juice..
It can cause quite a healing-crisis (detox) and when the pancreas regenerates too quickly, you will get an insulin overdose..

Greetings from The Netherlands,


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