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The QuackWatch interesting opinion on Dr. Carey Reams

Thursday, December 05 2002 - Filed under: General

Hi there,

Check another interesting article on QuackWatch:

Their conclusion:
''This urine/saliva test and its associated trappings are utter nonsense.''

Their explanation of this odd conclusion:
''Acid-base status is commonly measured at hospital admission for many diseases, but it is extremely unusual to find acidosis or alkalosis of the blood or extracellular fluid in the early stages of any major disease except kidney disease. Moreover, no food is acidic or alkaline enough in a mixed diet to produce long-lasting changes in the body's acid-base balance.''

This is such ''utter nonsense'' (to use their terms), especially when you have read and understand the books on ''New Biology'' as are linked on my homepage ( ).
First, acidosis or alkalosis of the blood is very, very unusual and this means you're virtually dead already. Even a slight deviation of 0.3 on the pH-scale will paralyze the heart and will result in death.. The body does *everything* in its power to keep this from happening, i.e. sacrificing calcium from the bones and storing the acids in the tissues..
Secondly, You need to know *when* to do the pH tests.. If you do the tests without a schedule, you won't be able to find anything interesting..
Thridly, the hospital thinks that any value in between a very wide range of pH-values is healthy and will not diagnose a pH of 6.0 as being too low..

I want to thank Quackwatch for providing me a lead to another ''New Biologist''.. This is quite valuable as most links to Carey Reams on the internet are summarizing articles without much new information and I can't find many discussions on his treatments..
Thank you very much for your help, Quackwatch.. Hmm.. I think, I will check the link ''Other Dubious Tests'' to see if I can find some more interesting info... Thank you :-)

BTW, I started to drink lemon juice last friday, almost a week ago..
Tuesday I did a 1-day fast on lemon juice + distilled water..

My pH levels have risen quite a bit since then.. Interesting..
I also think I feel better, but again, it will take some time before I can draw definite conclusions..

One thing I can't ignore is that my digestion seems to have improved.. I can now tolerate *raw onions* without a single burp.. That's really new for me..
Perhaps my liver is regenerating fast and is providing the pancreas and the intestines with new enzymes, so I can digest foods a lot better ?

The Reams Formula is the following:

1.5 6.4 / 6.4 7 1 3 / 3


SB = Sugar Brix index of the urine
pHU = pH of the urine
pHS = pH of the saliva
UMS = Urine Mineral Salt Index
UD = Urine Debris / Albumin
CNN = Cationic Nitrate Nitrogens
AAN = Anionic Ammoniacal Nitrogens

SB *pHU* / *pHS* UMS *UD* CNN / AAN
The ones in brackets can be meassured by amateurs:
* pHU using plain pH litmus paper
* pHS idem dito
* UD can be verified by watching your urine in a glass and holding it in front of a light to check the debris.. If it has debris, it's at least 4million parts per liter.. Without debris, it's probably in the relatively safe-zone

The other tests will need to be done in some kind of lab.. Interestingly, Reams used agricultural equipment to determine the values..
The Sugar Brix index can be meassured using a refractometer, I understand.. I will try to get one of those..

I've also been taking sodium-bicarbonate, baking powder three times now (in between meals) and I think that's also helping me.. No side-effects whatsoever by the way..
My digestion seems to have improved, based on the result that my stools are perfectly dehydrated.. Another positive sign....
But again, I'll keep you updated.. I can't conclude anything yet..

Greetings from The Netherlands,


P.S. I'd really like to know who funds the QuackWatch.. Guess what ?

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