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More on Reams, Dr. Martin and the Reams Biological Th. of Ioniz. Newsgroup

Friday, December 06 2002 - Filed under: General

To understand my Quackwatch-notes, please read this first:


I just signed in on the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization newsgroup and foud a link to the Biological Immunity Research Center by Dr. Martin (and others). Yes, this is the Dr. Martin from QuackWatch..
I decided to check out the site and this is what I found under Ulcerative Colitis:

BIRI Interactive Symptomatology
Here are some suggestions:
Low carbohydrate diet. Limit daily intake to 65 grams.
Eliminate wheat and wheat products.
Read ''Breaking the Viscious Cycle'' by Elaine Gottschall.

Well, that's the best advise anyone can give, don't you think :-)
It can be found on their site:


An interesting aspect of the RBTI newsgroup (Reams...Ionization) at is that Dr. Martin, yes the one as listed on QuackWatch, is one of the members..

I just learned that Dr. Carey Reams' also wrote a book himself:
Choose Life or Death

I already ordered Kirban, Salem's book: Health Guide for Survival
Details of this book can be found here:

There seems to be another book around, by one of the ex-co-workers of Reams, Dr. Beddoe.. More on Beddoe:

His books can be ordered from this site:

By the way, I just got an answer from Dr. Martin
(It can be read after becoming a member of the group)

So, it seems they are now using special software that calculates mathematically all healing parameters based on the test results of the saliva and urine.
It can be downloaded from Dr. Martin's site, . It's meant to be used by practicioners and is alas not for free. Each use costs $2.

$2 is not a high price to pay by the patient for getting a highly detailed solution to his health problems.

Dr. Martin also wrote a book, which can be downloaded here:
Don't eat the yellow snow
by Gary A. Martin, D.Sc., Ph.D.

His advise is to use specific calcium types for balancing pH:

> Alka-Cal to raise pH
> Acid-Cal to lower pH
> Cal-Mix to bring pH's together

On you can download yet another article on calcium and pH-balancing:

The company is being run my his son, Mathew D. Martin, I see:

One of the issues in this article is that we should not just use *some kind* of calcium or vitamin C, but that we should use one that corresponds to our saliva and urine pH.
Here's an example. If the pH-tests show you're too acid, you should never use ascorbic acid.. Instead you should use vitamin C in the ascor*bate* form..
The same for calcium.. You should take alkalizing calcium when you're too acid and vice versa..

Here is an interesting part from Dr. Martin's book:
''Which proteins are usually more complete in the eight essential amino acids ? Animal proteins. Therefore you would think animal protein would be better for you than vegetable protein.
The reason this is not neccessarily true is because of the cooking process through which people put their animal proteins. When you cook proteins you change their nature from a substance that absorbs water, digestive secretions and water into a substance which does not. Therefore the proteins cannot be broken down by your digestive system nearly as well. This problem is especially compounded if your pH balance if away from normal.
This applies to pasteurized milk, cheese, eggs, meat and other cooked animal proteins. Cooked animal proteins are mucous forming and should be avoided as much as possible''

Apparantly, Dr. Martin is a fan of Frank Zappa, considering the title of his book, Don't Eat the yellow snow.. :-)
The book is based on ''The Curse Causeless shall not Come'' but it has a lot of added information.. It totals 88 pages of info..

I've also added some more articles to the Reams archive:

This article gives a good overview of Reams' work:

I will keep you updated,

The Netherlands

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