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The protein-power diet and the potential dangers of all high-protein diets

Friday, December 13 2002 - Filed under: General

The HealingCrow, December 10th, , Seth ( ) wrote:

>I tend to think that the whole acid-alkaline concept is a little overblown.
>I'm not saying that there isn't *some* truth to it, but everytime I read it
>and see something like, you must
>reduce your protein intake - I immediately think ''vegetarian propoganda''.
>Anyway, I thought I would share this link to the PP board on this subject:

Ed's reply below
Hi Seth,

I also regarded the ''reduce protein''-messages as vegetarian propoganda..
And if one thing is certain, then it is that vegetarian diets are extremely unhealthy..

Reducing protein consumption, in fact, is only treating symptoms.. The real problem is that some persons don't digest proteins properly.. This, overtime is probably fatal
The liver produces the raw enzymes, which the pancreas uses to produce the protein digestive enzymes..

Dr. Reams stated that reducing or dropping protein consumption is not the right solution..
We need to take care of the cause: Getting the pancreas to produce enough enzymes again, which thus means regenerating the liver..

He used a period of fasting on lemon juice to get this done.. The patients in his clinic needed to be watched carefully as the liver sometimes would accept the lemon-juice too greedily and over-night started to produce huge amounts of raw enzymes.. The pancreas would start to produce huge amounts of insulin, causing severe, potentially fatal hypoglycemia..

One thing is for sure:
Some decades on the mineral-deficient SAD will very often result in a weak liver, and thus bad protein digestion.. *Then* proteins are very unhealthy..
It would be best to first regenerate the liver and *then* start a high-protein diet.. Especially cooked proteins are a huge load for both the liver and the panreas..
Even though a high-protein, low-carb diet might cure cancer, it will probably cause a heart-attack (in people with a liver-deficiency, as most cancer patients have).. Read the details in Dr. Gary Martin's book..

I see the alkaline-acid as the overlapping explanation why certain treatments work and some don't and most important why most treatments don't achieve results 100% of the time..
The 80% veggie , 20% acid-forming food diet is probably healthy, but not neccessary at all, except for those cases where the liver is still very weak..
The eskimo's are a perfect example of how an acid forming diet is healthy afterall.. They ate 2 times more acid-forming than alkaline-forming foods..

The human body, when healthy (not poisoned by the SAD) is able to tolerate quite some acid and alkaline foods, as long as the foods are natural, unrefined and are loaded with *minerals*.
The SAD is a mineral scavenging-diet and this is what causes the extreme acidification in many people..

It seems that bones are the perfect food to replenish the calcium and magnesium stores. According to Price most, if not all isolated cultures eat bones as a major part of their diet. This provides the much-needed minerals. The body can remain perfectly pH-stable that way..
Check this one.. There is no relation at all between caries immunity and acid-alkaline diets.. All primitive diets were more acid-forming than alkaline-forming ! But I think a relation can be seen with regards to mineral intake..

A book, which explains this all perfectly (the liver, lemon, protein digestion, etc) is:

Don't eat the Yellow Snow by Dr. Gary Martin

The scary part of all this is that advising a person to start a low-carb diet, when you don't know his liver-quality is very risky.
Dr. Reams and Gary Martin have developed nice tests that show without doubt what it s the current quality of the liver, kidneys and all other organs..
This diagnosis is based on the chemical inbalances reflected in the urine and saliva pH, the urine conductivity (salt-content), the urine sugar content (refractometer) and the nitrogen count in the urine.
Based on the results of the test, a specialized natural diet can be started to heal the organs and restore chemical balance in the body.. At the same time diseases like diabetes disappear, as these are caused by the same chemical inbalances..
Dr. Gary Martin does advise his patients to start a low-carb diet and even the SCDiet for Crohn's and Colitis.. The difference is that he knows if the liver and pancreas can handle the increase proteins...

I think I'll soon buy a refractometer, conductivity meter and some other devices.. Then I can send my results to Dr. Gary Martin and he will get me a diagnosis and give me advise..
Here are some sample profiles:

Take care,

The Netherlands

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