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New Dietary Protocol to heal most disease

Thursday, January 09 2003 - Filed under: General

This is a follow-up on this message:

Some more on this topic:

Concerning the nuts, at least two of them are in the dangerzone:

* Almonds contain 24% (5.2 grams) glutamic acid per 21.2g protein in 100g almonds
* Peanuts contain 21% (5.4 grams) glutamic acid per 25.8g protein in 100g peanuts

For neurotoxin-sensitive people, more nuts can better be avoided

Goat cheese is slightly lower in glutamic acid (19% of the proteins) than most cow cheeses (21%-25%), so that's only a small difference..
However, the casein difference is very big ofcourse

Cowmilk Yogurt does contain casein ofcourse, which isn't good..
It also does contain glutamic acid, but because one only eats 100-200g this won't be causing much problems I guess and hope..
SCD goat-yogurt would be better as it doesn't contain casein.. On the glutamate part it won't matter much..

In white bread is 32% of the proteins are glutamic acid and whole wheat bread is 31%..
The crackers are on the top of the list with 34%...

New Dieteray Protocol to heal most disease

Based on the amazing results of Dogtor J., a new protocol (for most diseases) would be something like the following:

1 First start with the SCDiet (excluding all grains, corn, rice, potatoes, soy and bad sugars in one step)
2 Not enough results --> Replace the cow milk with goat's milk
3 Again not enough results --> Also remove the goat's milk
4 Still no result: Remove the nuts
5 Still no result: Go fully low-carb: No more fruits, no more honey
6 Still problems: Eat everything raw

Ofcourse, the order is probably incorrect, bit this would be a great protocol to begin with for most diseases I think..

And still it has a major and potentially dangerous flaw: How do you know a person can digest and metabolise proteins correctly..
In other words: How do you know the liver and the pancreas are working sufficiently..
If you don't know this, the person on this diet could still die of an heart attack, due to too much protein residue (urea) in the blood..

This is what Gary Martin writes about this:
The excess ureas act as a heart stimulant. When it rises too high, you face the danger of a heart attack without any advance notice whatsoever.
A very high Sugar reading, a low pH, a high mineral salt level, combined with a high nitrogen reading, could mean that you are in a heart attack zone

So, I think it would be wise to test the above values before advising anyone to eat more protein.. Even though it's basically a good advice, it might just be very dangerous in a small (or not so small) group of people with a weak protein digestion..
By eating proteins raw, this would alleviate the problem, because this already contains some of the enzymes needed for proper digestion of the proteins..

If you have additions or notes on the above, please let me know..

The Netherlands

* Note 2004: In the end my sensitivity to neurotoxins is due to the electrosmog: Longtitudinal waves open the blood-brain barrier and change the way calcium acts in the body (calcium channels). This increases the negative potential of neurotoxins.

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