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Another food down the drain: Cow milk

Thursday, January 09 2003 - Filed under: General

Another food down the drain: Cow milk
Check this:

I just read the articles on . It's really fascinating information.. Lori from the HealingCrow Community: sent the link..

One more disease we can call history: Epilepsy

Summary: It's caused by two factors:
* The enourmous amount of glutamate and aspartate in the SAD, primarily in wheat, dairy, soy (also corn and *all* grains)..
* The adhesive property of all these foods (gluten in wheat, casein in cow-dairy, proteins in soy)

The ''glue'' in these foods stick to the vili in the duodenum. This causes malabsorption and damage to the vili and also allergic reactions.
The glutamate and aspartate are neurotoxins and cause the epilepsy attacks

> The second clue was the fact that monosodium glutamate
> was often made from wheat (and soy).

> Yes, the next most troublesome food was corn. The analysis
> of corn showed high levels of glutamate and aspartate, as did
> all of the remaining grains rice, barley, and oats.

>Once again, it did not take long to find the truth about soy. As I
>mentioned, soy is used as the other ''natural'' source of MSG. In fact, it
>has nearly six times the concentration of glutamate and aspartate of any
>of the other sources already mentioned. I then put the words ''soy
>adhesive'' in the search engine of my computer and was not surprised at
>all that it, too, was used as an industrial adhesive. Then, I read about
>the processing of soy to rid it of anti-nutrients in order to make it
>edible and I could clearly see that we weren't dealing with a health
>food here.

Check this:
From all amino acids in Crackers (Melba Toast) 34% is glutamic acid.. A whopping 4 grams per 12 g of protein in 100g of cracker..

Alas, the cheeses don't come out favourably.. Check for yourself by following this link:¬ype=on&sort2=Glutamicacid

Considering the fact that an alarming 60% of the SAD is composed of cow dairy + grains (wheat), this does make you think...

Luckily, with the SCDiet we were already free of the grains and the soy, but the casein is still a problem..
Perhaps we should consider goat milk as an alternative.. It has far less neurotoxins and also less or virtually zero casein..

This information has impressed me enough, that I will swap to goat milk as soon as possible..
Now, I'll have to try and find a raw unpasturized goat's cheese..
How does goat-milk SCD-yogurt taste ?

I will read all articles on and have already put up a link to it from my site..
Truly impressive information..

Read on here:

Greetings from The Netherlands,


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