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Linda Page

Alternative Health Care

Are You Missing Critical Minerals In Your Diet?

by Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D.

Minerals are the building blocks of life, the most basic of all nutrients. Without adequate minerals, the vitamins and protein, all the rest of the nutrients that your body needs can’t be utilized, because minerals are the bonding agents between you and your foods. Minerals play a critical role in detoxifying your cells and keeping your body pH balanced for protection against degenerative diseases like arthritis. Minerals are the foundation nutrients for bone formation and bone health.

Minerals aid digestion, hormone production, nerve transmission, metabolism, even cholesterol and blood sugar balance. Minerals transport oxygen, govern heart rhythm, beautify skin, help you sleep, and keep you emotionally balanced. Minerals are rejuvenating and strengthening to all body systems. Without adequate minerals, your whole body suffers. Unfortunately, very few of us get enough minerals.


Our bodies don’t synthesize minerals; they must be regularly obtained from our daily foods. But today’s diet of chemical-laced foods inhibits mineral absorption. High stress lifestyles that rely on tobacco, alcohol, steroids and antibiotics, deplete our minerals. Even further, many minerals are no longer sufficiently present in our fruits and vegetables. They have been leached from the soil by the chemicals and pesticide sprays used in commercial farming.

I believe plant minerals from earth and sea herbs are one of the most reliable ways to get mineral benefits. Herbal minerals are whole foods that our bodies use easily. Modern studies show that we absorb food source mineral complexes much better than isolated mineral salts. They can be used as healing agents and to maintain body nutrient levels. Seek out organically grown produce whenever possible because organic fruits and vegetables are so much richer in minerals.

Where have all the minerals gone? Let’s take a look at two important minerals your body could be starving for and the best ways to get them:

: An astounding 75% of the population is deficient in magnesium. Signs you may be lacking magnesium are: headaches, muscle spasms and tremors, menstrual cramps, kidney stones, heart problems (especially irregular heartbeat), and stroke. The way our bodies use magnesium is a perfect example of the way Nature establishes balance in our bodies. In fact, magnesium is Nature’s Calcium Channel Blocker. Calcium channel blocker drugs work to lower blood pressure by blocking the entry of calcium into heart cells and smooth muscle cells of blood vessels. Magnesium has protective features that balance out the negative effects of calcium overload on the heart. It blocks the entry of calcium into heart cells and vascular smooth muscle cells, reducing vascular resistance and naturally lowering blood pressure. Both minerals need to be present for the body to absorb them properly. The top food sources of magnesium to add to your diet are organic dark greens, alfalfa, sea greens (especially kelp), sea foods, wheat germ, nuts and seeds, and beans.

Chromium: Studies show nine out of ten Americans aren’t getting enough chromium. If you eat a lot of red meat, if your diet is high in sugar, or if you’re not getting enough B-vitamins, the chromium stores in your body are probably low. Chromium deficiency leads to problems you may already have noticed..... premature aging, high cholesterol, heart irregularities, poor carbohydrate and fat metabolism, memory lapses, and diabetes or hypoglycemia. Some experts theorize that massive chromium depletion is responsible for the surge in adult onset diabetes and hypoglycemia in the Western world. Chromium is essential for normal glucose metabolism. Studies show four out of six diabetics improve their glucose tolerance when chromium is added to their diets. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that chromium treatment may even reverse atherosclerosis! For athletes, chromium is a safe way to convert body fat to muscle. For dieters, chromium curbs appetite as it raises metabolism. The top food sources of chromium to add to your diet are nutritional yeast, organic mushrooms, clams, grapes, raisins, and brown rice.

The minerals we’ve talked about can really give your body a boost. But just loading up on one mineral supplement isn’t the way to go for health. Your body does its best work with a balanced ratio of minerals and trace minerals coming in from organic foods and herbs. Include an herbal or sea green supplement for even more mineral support. Crystal Star MINERAL SPECTRUM® Caps with kelp is an easily absorbed, mineral-rich formula. Nature’s Path, Inc. TRACE-MIN-LYTE, a formula derived from a blend of sea greens, is another good choice.

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