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Iron Colitis


Iron is a metal which is needed by the human body. It's needed for creating hemoglobin (the oxygen transport system). It's also used for chemical processes inside human cells (oxidation of fats). Iron is primarily found in meat. When it's eaten, the iron binds to a couple of different proteins in the intestines. Transferrin is one of these (ferrin=iron). The transferrin is absorbed by the transferrin receptor sites in the intestines. So, it can be transported out of the intestines, into the blood.

The Inflammation Mechanism

During inflammation the body reacts in many ways. One of the things it does is lowering the iron intake. Iron is a very important nutricient for bacteria. They need for chemical processes. Without the iron the bacteria cannot grow and will eventually die. By lowering the iron intake, the iron in the food is not absorbed by the intestines.

Where do Free Radicals Come From?

Hydroxyl Free Radicals are formed when hydrogen peroxide and ferrous (=iron) ions react. Hydrogen Peroxide + Ferrous Ions ---> Ferric ions + Hydroyl ions + Hydroxyl free radicals This reaction is called the Fenton or the Haber-Weiss reaction.

What are Free Radicals

A free radicals is an instable molecule. The molecule has a negative load and it tries to compensate this by stealing (a proton) from other molecules. In this process other molecules are made defective. Once the hyrdoxyl free radical is created it does its work virtually immediately. This time is virtually zero. It does its damage in a flash. The defence systems will detects the defect cells and will start to destroy them.


Chronic Inflammation because of chemical vicious cycle which keeps creating free radicals This type of inflammation is caused by a vicious cycle that's been triggered by the host's immune system. It's start with an inflammation somewhere in the body. The immune systems reacts by altering the metabolism, so that iron will not be absorbed anymore. As a result the bacteria that caused the inflammation will stop growing. The white blood cells can do the rest. This mechanism works really nice when the inflammation is not IN the intestines. However, mother nature forgot to think about this: When an inflammation is INSIDE the intestines, the iron will stay inside the intestines where the iron is causing two new problems: As mentioned above, the iron will catalyze the Fenton reaction, which will produce dangerous free radicals that destroy all cells. Also, the bacteria in the intestines will have a surpluss of iron to use. They will be able to grow very rapidly. As a result the inflammation gets worse and this is a vicious cycle. To make things even worse, some other things also occur: During inflammation hydrogen peroxide and superoxide are produced by cells in the intestines. Superoxide has the nasty property that it can extract the iron from specific iron-binding-proteins. In short, more superoxide means more free iron ions in the intestines. When we look at the Fenton reaction above, we can see that two ingredients, hydrogen peroxide and iron are need for the fenton reaction. So, even more hydroxyl free radicals are produced. The inflammation gets worse, so more hydrogen peroxides and superoxides and thus more iron is created. As a result the Fenton reaction keeps creating more and more free radicals and the inflammation gets worse and worse. Because all the iron is used in the Fenton reaction, it cannot be transported into the bone marrow, where it's needed for hemoglobin prodction. Anemia is introduced here because of the lack of iron.


DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is the perfect solution here. DMSO has among many more properties, the ability to increase the iron transport out of the intestines by stimulating the transferrin receptor sites. DMSO is also anti-inflammatory, so as the inflammation decreases less superoxide and hydrogen peroxide is produced. It's one of a small number of antioxidants that can enter every cell in the human body. It's also a hydrogen peroxide scavenger (some also call it antioxidant or free radical scavenger). As less hydrogen peroxide and iron is available and less iron is made free by the superoxide, the Fenton reaction will get weaker and weaker. The vicious cycle is reversed and over time the inflammation is completely gone. Another option is melatonin. Melatonin triggers the release of body-made antioxidants. These antioxidants are also able to enter virtually every part of the human body. It's also effective against Tumor-Necrosis-Factor. New studies suggest the melatonin also regulates the amount of iron in the body. It seems like some people react to melatonin and another group of people react to DMSO. Possibly there is a different mechanism involved, but there's no certainty of that.

Where to buy DMSO

The first thing you will need to do, is obtain the product. In the United States it's not so difficult.. DMSO is sold in almost every health store around the country. Use one that's at least 99% pure. In Europe, the pharamcies do have it, but you will need a prescription. Most physicians won't prescribe it, because they don't know the product. So, you will need to order it in the U.S.A.

1st Choice Products (sends the DMSO to almost every country)* mail order in the U.S.A.*
* Please note : I'm in no way connected to any of the above stores...


Apply it topically to your abdomen, one teaspoon (about 5 grams), two or three times every day. In about a month, maybe less, your inflammation will be gone. DMSO is very powerfull solvent. It goes through your skin directly into your blood ! So please be careful : Always wash your hands and your abdomen very carefully ! It will itch a bit. Apply a very small amount of water on your abdomen before applying the DMSO. The itching is caused by the dehydration.
I wish you all good luck. Please read the entire story on David Gregg's Site before using this.. Please note: This treatment won't work for everyone and I'm not responsible for anything.

Will this treatment help all Crohn/Colitis patients ?

According to David Gregg's site, this treatment will work for about 80-90% of the Crohns and UC patients. Most people who have used DMSO, suffered from Ulcerative Colitis. Considering the fact Colitis Ulcerosa sufferers react very slowly to the SCDiet, this might be the reason (the free radicals).

Update June 2001
According to the new experiences, the DMSO might only help people with Colitis Ulcerosa (blood in the stool). The percentage above is way too high. My new estimates are it might help about 5-10% of the Colitis Ulcerosa patients.
My advice is to always try the SCDiet first. If it really doesn't help after several months, you can try this approach. Read this article that puts the different treatments in perspective.

Please note: The information on this website is not a recommendation for treatment. Anyone reading it should consult his/her physician before considering treatment. The author and publisher can't be held responsible for anything. Use on your own risk.

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