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  1. Promotions  
An expert on the issue of protein consumption and acidification of the body
Anionic Water, Lemon is the only anionic food, distilled water is cation free
Another lemon drink protocol from
Bio-Ionic Chemical Analysis
BioMedX pH Correcting, using Reams-like analyzing
Blowing The Lid Off Distilled Water Myths (safe afterall?)
Dr. Gary Martin took up where Dr. Carey Rooms left off
How to test your urine and saliva pH correctly
How we become acid
Interesting info on blood pH
Introduction to the New Biology
Monomorphism as promoted by Pasteur
Pleomorphism as promoted by Bechamp, Enderlein, Rife, Reich, etc
Price Pottenger - Acid Alkaline Balance and your Health
Price-Pottenger: Aicd-Base Balance of Diets which produce immunity
Prill Beads (Pearls) to revitalize and filter water
Real-Time Functional Medicine and The Terrain
Reams Biological Ionization Testing Seminar at CNHP
Reams Biological Theory of Ionization
REAMS Testing - Biological Ionization, Health by the Numbers
Summary: What is pleomorphism
The Founding Fathers - Reams Dream
The History of the New biology (Why pleomorphism is unknown)
The real cause of degenerative disease
The symptoms of being acid
Treatment of an acidified body through diet and supplements
Treatment of ulcers: Helicobacter is the *result* of an ulcer
Vibrational medicine, rife microscope and electro-acupuncture
Water, H2O2, OH-, H3O2, anionic, cationic, hyper oxygenated water
What is life - Enderlein's protits

  Background Studies  
Devices for meassuring saliva pH

Don't use distilled water in the long run

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