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Universal Health Model

(This is the first draft, updates will be made to make it better readable/understandable)
In this article I will try to lay out a universal model which can explain most health conditions. It will also give a good explanation as to why some people get ill from bacteria while others don't. Here goes. Like all other articles on this website, an open minded attitude is advisable.

Organs and emotions

I will go step by step. First let's consider a child born from a completely healthy mother. The mother was well fed, had high mineral reserves and was emotionally very stable. Below is a picture of the "newborn baby":
A healthy male
All energies (as in subtle life energies, ch'i flowing through the meridians and organs) in this person are flowing perfectly, there are no obstructions. The person is in perfect health and emotionally very stable. Before we proceed to the next virtual event, please consider the following: Taoists believe that each organ has associated emotions. In this article I will focus on one organ, the liver. The main emotion associated with the liver is anger. The energetic colour of the liver is green. Let 's assume a basic situation in which the liver is in perfect health and radiates a nice green colour:
Man with his liver
Suppose this child experiences his first events in which anger arises. This emotion is generated in the liver. The child has two basic options: it can express/experience his anger, releasing the energy related with the emotion. The second option is to suppress his anger, he doesn't want to feel it. Then a problem arises: the emotion/anger is still there. The solution is simple: leave the anger inside the liver and retract the consciousness from that part of the liver where the anger is stored. One could illustrate that situation as follows:
Man with suppressed anger in his liver
A dark spot in his liver. The person just decided to not let its energy flow inside the spot where the anger is stored. That way he can continue his life and ignore the anger completely. Okay, that doesn't sound too bad at all. However, later on the person experiences less vitality and all of a sudden he starts suffering from some allergies. By retracting his energy/consciousness from that part of the liver, the liver can't function as well as before. The liver needs ch'i to perform all its functions. The liver is a gigantic chemical factory. It produces millions of different enzymes, cholesterol and many other substances, needed for digestion, maintaining the blood sugar level, detoxing poisonous substances, and for providing raw enzymes to other organs, which then refine them into specialized enzymes. You can imagine that your health will surely suffer when you close the energy lines to this "factory".
So here is something completely new: By suppressing emotions the corresponding organ will deteriorate.

Let's take a closer look at what happens when a person retracts his consciousness from a part of his body. The body is made up of cells and each cell needs energy to perform its many functions. Luckily the cell doesn't die immediately when its energy source is taken away. What does happen is that the cell hasn't got enough power to stay healthy. Whereas healthy cells will expel toxins, the malnourished cells will slowly start to accumulate toxins inside them and the surrounding tissues.

Over time the cells turn plain toxic and this, combined with the energetic void, creates the perfect terrain/environment for bacteria and viruses. It would come as no big surprise when this person would suffer from a liver inflammation of some kind. The bacteria in there thrive on the toxins. Also they aren't bothered by the persons own energy because they're in a "dark spot".

This general story applies to all other organs and associated emotions. The kidneys are related to fear, the lungs to depression and grief, the heart to irritation, the spleen to worry. Chances are that you think you express all your emotions and hence should have perfectly functioning organs and a perfect health. However, the first time you might have suppressed an emotion might have been something as simple as your mother saying that you shouldn't cry (expressing grief) because boys shouldn't cry. I think it's safe to assume that there are massive amounts of suppressed emotions inside of you.

Personal Experiences

Let's now jump to my personal experiences.
* Please note: I write down my experiences below as if they are a completely linear flow of emotional detoxification/release. This isn't completely true as several emotions were often felt at the same time.

Anger / liver

 I for one always thought I was a very stable and "good" person because I almost never felt angry. Once I started detoxing my body (combination of Healing Tao and mercury detox protocol), I discovered I was dead wrong. There were amazing amounts of anger inside of me. I spent weeks and weeks of feeling a lot of anger, most of which I couldn't even understand very well. After about two months in which I had lots of angry moments, I noticed my hypoglycemia had all of a sudden disappeared. My liver had strengthened because by removing the toxins from the liver (and doing special Universal Tao exercises to help my liver get rid of the emotions) and letting the emotions out, I could let my consciousness back into my liver, feeding it the much needed ch'i it was deprived of for a long time. As an unexpected result, I was slowly turning into a more friendly person. By cleaning my liver and letting go of past emotions of anger, I was able to be truly kind and not by faking it. Beforehand I would "act" friendly whereas in reality I was angry with a person (but I wasn't even aware I was angry). Check the virtues in the table on the bottom of this page.

Irritation / heart

Next, I felt a lot of irritation and guess what: quite soon after those emotions were released I was able to feel and express a lot more love and my small intestines started functioning again the way they should. Each organ is linked to another organ: the heart to the small intestines, the lungs to the large intestines, the liver to the gall bladder, the kidneys to the urinary bladder, the spleen to the stomach. For several years I was unable to digest any complex carbohydrates other than those found in fruits. After the emotional release and associated physical detox, my digestive capacities had restored completely. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and had followed a special diet free of starches and sugars for 5 years, which suppressed the symptoms, but now I truly feel I am cured. (More on Crohn's)

Grief / lungs

Then the lungs started to rejuvenate themselves. Lots and lots of grief were released. That lasted for many, many months. I noticed the emotional release was associated with a lot of mucus production, which probably serves as the transport means for the toxins. Constipation was a big problem beforehand but as the lungs regained their energy, the large intestines (the associated organ) started to function better and better. I was able to associate cramping (decreased peristalsis) of the large intestines with the suppression of grief. When I would allow the grief to be released, my intestines would work a lot better. At one time I felt a sharp pain in my right lung. Soon after I had to run to the toilet as my large intestines were releasing a lot of toxins. The weeks after that I was very sad, but my large intestines were functioning a lot better.

Fear / kidneys

Next, my kidneys felt it was their time to release old energies. I've been very scared for a couple of weeks. Scared for normal people walking by, for cars driving by, for social contacts, for loud noises, for many things. Very old fears were surfacing. I also felt pains in my kidneys during those periods of anxiety.

Worry / spleen

The spleen (related to the stomach) is associated to (excessive) worrying. When the spleen is in perfect health, its response to a problematic situation is to determine the problem, next allowing one self to come with a solution and that's it. When the spleen is compromised, excessive and vicious worrying will be the result. I was worrying quite a bit: was I really healing or was I kidding myself? Was I really doing the right thing? Was I turning crazy by feeling all those emotions? Slowly the worrying would decrease and I would feel stronger and more convinced I was doing the right thing.


Slowly but steadily I started to feel like a new person, much less tense, way more relaxed. My social skills were improving rapidly. I also felt more happy and much more in contact with my body and my emotions. I also started to feel more love for myself and others. My vitality levels increased a lot, my skin looks a lot better, a wart decided to give up by itself without any use of medication.

Change the terrain

This wart is interesting as it is associated with a virus (Human Papilloma Viruses). Beforehand the environment in my body was perfect for this specific type of virus: plenty of toxins and I had retracted my consciousness from that specific part of the body (sole of my foot). As I was slowly returning the energy flow throughout my body, the cells were empowered again and started to get rid of the toxins. The perfect habitat for the wart virus was destroyed and it had no choice other than to leave. The same happened in my intestines: because I had gotten rid of lots of toxins there and had restored the energy flow there, the bad bacteria disappeared and only the bacteria that live in harmony with me are still there. No more need for probiotics. By changing the terrain, the bad bacteria/viruses/parasites will stay away.

Hypersensitivity to electromagnetic radiation

Something else also happened: I used to react really badly to electromagnetic waves. During prolonged exposure to those waves/radiation I would feel very fuzzy in the head, get heart arrythmia, tingling sensations, concentration problems and I would become very tense. It has taken over 14 months of very strong detoxing, combined with almost daily Healing Tao exercises, but I am very happy to write that I can now easily handle high intensities of electromagnetic radiation (I tested it: sleeping next to a DECT base station gives no problems). I also discovered that every exposure to radiation use to trigger emotions, mostly grief. My normal reaction was to retract my consciousness even further when that happened, blocking the ch'i flow in almost my entire body, which is extremely bad for one's health. I think the electromagnetic radiation somehow influences the biological processes inside the body which cause heavy metals to be flushed out of tissue and cells. Perhaps the heavy metals also function as some sort of antenna, amplifying the radiation and hence triggering the biological effects. Somehow the movement of heavy metals also triggers an emotional detox, as if the emotions are linked to the heavy metals (primarily mercury in my case). A metal allergy might also cause hypersensitivity to electromagnetic radiation. An allergy in fact is a strong reaction to a substance that the body has linked to an old trauma. Example: As a child you get an electric shock while you're holding an iron heating radiator. From then on he/she has subconsciously linked metal to a shock of pain. Each time he/she gets in contact with metal the shock is so great that an "allergy" reaction occurs.

Summary of health gains

So, before my "adventures" I used to be diagnosed with a chronic inflammation of my intestines (Crohn's disease), my blood sugar levels had the tendency to plummet (hypoglycemia), I was extremely sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, and my social skills were quite poor (because I was suppressing so many emotions combined with the neurotoxic effects of mercury). Afterwards my digestion is perfect now, my blood sugar levels are rock stable (I can now even fast a full day with no symptoms), I now "use" electromagnetic radiation to get rid of the last amounts of heavy metals in my body and I've become a much more relaxed and easy-going person.
I'm still not 100% done, but my life quality has improved tremendously.

Down to earth links

The cancer link: Many scientists have shown that tumors are full of toxins and bad bacteria. If they also had a means to measure the ch'i energy levels inside those tumors they would find a close correlation with the beforementionded "dark spots", the places that the specific person has decided to leave out of its consciousness. The mapping of emotions to organs is a bit rough. Dr. Hamer has made a very detailed mapping of virtually every possible tumor location and the associated emotion/trauma. Very impressive. Alas, he is thrown in jail because of the large commercial implications when his theory would be accepted.

The link with sexually transmitted diseases: In the western world lots of people suppress the feelings from their lower body. Those are considered unclean by many religions. When a little boy touches his penis, parents tell him he shouldn't. The boy then associates his penis with something unclean and retracts his consciousness from it. Hence, less ch'i flows there and toxins start to accumulate. Guess what will happen when a virus finds all those yummy toxins there (think of genital warts for example)?

Piercings are interesting too: I think that a person who has full consciousness of a part of his body would never damage him/herself because "it looks good". I really think that people pierce their bodies because that specific part is already withdrawn from their consciousness. (but perhaps I'm wrong on this one, I personally really dislike piercings).

Firewalking: Some people think that there is a simple explanation for the fact that people often are not burned when they walk on hot coals. I learned from my Tao teacher that it's a lot more complex. What happens is that before you walk on the coals, the consciousness is retracted from the feet and an energetic shield is created below the feet. That way you can walk over it without "feeling" anything. But massive harm is done. Once you try to regain consciousness in your feet, you will have to experience all the pain. Because the pain is so intense, most people walking on coals will never regain full consciousness of their body.
Advise: Don't walk on hot coals, firewalking hurts you more than you know

What to do with this information

Okay, interesting, you'll think. Some of you may even believe that these "strange" theories are valid. Suppose I'm right, what's the use? Well, for one, you might from now on decide to handle your emotions differently. Try to express your emotions instead of suppressing them. After decades of consistently suppressing all of them your body and its organs will have a very hard time, eventually leading to an early death or poor health at the least.

Also, if you start a detox program, for example one to get rid of mercury or other heavy metals, you can expect old emotions and trauma's to surface. Instead of suppressing them, embrace them and express them. If you feel a need to cry, then do so, if you feel angry, then be angry (you can do this on your own, no need for a person to be nasty to).

You could also decide to take some Healing Tao (a.k.a. Universal Tao) lessons. This helps you regain contact with your body, your organs (and emotions) and the energies flowing inside your body. Very efficient exercises (Chi Kungs) help to deal with and balance the emotions. The 6 healing sounds are especially powerful for that matter. I have experienced and believe that a combination of Healing Tao with a detox program is very powerful. Use the right foods and supplements in accord with the Tao exercises and health improvements won't take long.

Crohn's Disease: details

Like I explained above, the blocking of the energy flow in my heart also blocked the flow in my small intestines. That's why toxins started to accumulate there and eventually the digestive cells in the duodenum stopped working. These cells should produce enzymes to digest the di-saccharides (maltose, sucrose, lactose). The toxin that caused the most havoc in my body was mercury. Mercury has many effects on the human body. One of it is that it "pushes" iodine out of cells when it enters a cell. The digestive cells in the duodenum need iodine to produce the enzymes. So, during my mercury detox (which consisted of using lipoic acid and several supplements like vitamin C, using Andrew Cutlers protocol) I also started supplementing iodine. After some time, having dealt with a lot of irritation (emotion of the heart) and supplementing lots of iodine I one day felt/knew that I could eat starches and sugars again. I tried it and it worked. For the last 6 months I've been eating all foods I couldn't eat for over 5 years!
Mercury and Crohn's disease are related even more: the mercury also excites the immune system, causing extreme immune reactions like (chronic) inflammations. Mercury also damages the intestinal lining, causing transitory leaky gut syndrome. "In leaky gut syndrome the lining of the gut develops microscopic holes. Anaerobic bacteria, Candida and fungi then leak into the gut wall and set up a permanent residence in the gut associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) known as Peyer's Patches. These bacteria produce acid toxins which have a systemic effect on long term health and disable the gut lining so that dysbiosis results. Normally the lining of the gut regulates the intestinal flora to produce eubiosis by placing an antibody called Secretory A on the surface. Secretory A kills dysbiotic organisms on contact. Thus in the absence of adequate Secretory A the wrong organisms proliferate in the gut and produce chronic persistent bloating, gas and sometimes diarrhea and/or constipation. The systemic symptom produced is fatigue which is not dependent on any specific food intake." (quoted from: "Mercury Toxicity, Gut Wall Infection, and Fatigue"
More on iodine: "Mercury blocks thyroid hormone production by occupying iodine-binding sites and inhibiting hormone action even when the measured thyroid levels appears to be in the proper range." (quoted from: " - Mercury")

How strong is the relation between Crohn's disease and "mercury poisoning and the energy flow in the heart"? I don't know for sure, but my gut feeling is that it is strongly related. Is Crohn's disease a plain iodine deficiency combined with a stressed out immune system, both due to chronic mercury poisoning?

Overview of five elements, organs and emotions

ElementEmotionYin OrganYang OrganColourSense organVirtue
WoodAngerLiverGall bladderGreenEyesKindness
FireIrritationHeartSmall intestinesRedTongueJoy
MetalGrief/sadnessLungsLarge intestinesWhiteNoseCourage
WaterFearKidneysUrinary bladderBlueEarsWisdom/awe

Five elements system

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