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A Advanced 727Hz low-resistance zapper design
An approved place to get a zapper for 10 dollars
Bob Beck's Blood Electrifier testimonials (lots of CFS / ME ones)
Don Croft's Zapper and the Terminator (3.92 Hz)
Dr. Bob Beck's Blood Electrifier (specifics on)
Effects of AC and DC frequencies on pathogens, about Rife and Clark
Excerpt from Hulda Clark's book on the zapper
How to use the Black Box (Bob Beck's Blood Electrifier)
I believe there's a cure for cancer and AIDS...
Interview with Bob Beck about his blood electrifier
Mycoplasma's cause MS, Parkinson, CFS, etc
Mycoplasma's cause MS, Parkinson, CFS, etc
Mycoplasma: Lots of info on
Potential problems with Clark's zapper
Questions & Answers about blood electrification (1)
Questions & Answers about blood electrification (2)
The Kinshasha (Congo) AIDS Project (zapper)
The Story of Blood Electrification
Zapper Tips for efficient use

Zapper testimonials as recorded by Don Croft

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