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What is Acne ?
Acne is an infection of the skin caused by clogged pores. The pores are the channels for the sebum which is needed to keep the skin elastic and healthy. When the pores get clogged with the sebum in it, it gets infected and causes acne.

Old Treatments
Old treatments are very unhealthy, as they are based on stunning the immune system by using prednison creams and other chemicals. They often don't even work that well and cause many side effects.

New Treatments
We need to prevent the pores from getting blocked. The reason they get blocked is that there is too much pressure on the skin. This pressure is caused by retention of water. The retention of water is caused by eating refined and cooked foods. By eating a diet that consists only of natural, unheated foods and by limiting the protein intake (proteins increase proteinlevels in the blood, causing water retention) to 100 grams of raw fish or 5 egg yolks (don't eat the egg-white), the water retention will stop. The water pressure on the skin drops and the pores won't get blocked anymore. The sebum can reach the upper skin and make it elastic and the acne will disappear within weeks.

Wai Genriiu invented this diet
Please check Wai Genriiu's nice Free Acne Book for the details of this diet. Her diet focuses on eating everything raw and it consists primarily of:

  • Lots of raw fruits
  • Salads made from lettuce, avocado's, lots of cold-pressed olive oil
  • Raw nuts, which need to be shelled by hand
  • Raw tuna, 100 grams a day or 5 raw egg yolks a day
It's important to eat enough fat's after you've eaten fruits. Eat at least 0.5 gram of fat for each gram of carbohydrate. It is important to follow the rules strictly..

Use this Excel sheet to calculate how much fat you need to eat after eating different fruits.
Read more on Wai's diet on her website: and


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