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How I ridded myself of Crohn’s disease
This article is written by Jon from Sweden. You can mail him at:

This is the story of how I – apparently – ridded myself of Crohn’s disease in a VERY short period of time. I wan’t to make clear that I have no financial interest in writing this. My reasons are strictly humanitarian.

Check the latest update here: December 29th 2002 UPDATED

Note by Ed: Please read the announcement of this testimonial that was sent out to the Healing Crow Community

Bowel Movement Log
May 25th 2002, Jon just sent in his BM-logfile. For every day he wrote down the quality of his bowel movements. The color key: Red = Severe Watery Diarrhea, Orange = Not so severe Diarrhea, Green = OK, Solid, not much discomfort, Light Green: Perfect consistency.
Check the Bowel Movement Log here.

Case History
There are several ways to tell the story, but I believe it is best appreciated if told from the beginning:

I was 12 years old (early nineties) when I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease after some time (maybe a year) of periodic bouts of fever and diarrhea with associated fatigue and weight loss. During the 3 years that followed my diagnosis I took several different medications, none of them did much good, and the side effects were horrible! In febrary of 1996 x-rays showed that the more or less continous inflammation had left about one foot of scar tissue in the lower part of the small intestine (the ileum). Becasue I was severely bothered by the constriction casued by this scartissue the doctors decided that it would be better to remove this “dead” part of the intestine. They performed an ileo-cecal resection, which means they removed about a foot of small intestine and the upper most part of the colon (the cecum). This is called an ileo-cecal resection. In effect, I ended up with a slightly shorter digestive system.

After the surgery I recovered swiftly and resumed my life. I finished high school and went to college. Five years went by without symptoms. Though in retrospect, I think I did have occasional symptoms during this period too, even though I did not associate them with Crohn’s disease at the time. Anyways, early 2000 I had something that was unimstakably a flare. Up till then I had basically ignored the chronic disease I had been diagnosed with, viewing myself as a healthy person. However, the flare caused me to read up more on what it was I actually had. All I was told (and all I bothered to learn) back in 93 was that there was no cure, and that the only thing traditional medicine could do was to try and make the symptoms more bearable. Now I had a much more powerful tool at my hands – the internet. I was disappointed to learn that nothing much had changed during the last five years: the main drug being used was still prednisone and it’s siblings.

Having taken no medication since surgey, I decided that I would keep going and try to find another way on my own.

Autumn 2000: I started following a diet called “Eat right 4 your type”. It helped a bit, though not because of the reasons proposed by the promoter (D’Adamo). I won’t go into more detail here about this diet since I now belive that it is mostly bogus. I stayed on this diet until my next flare, autumn 2001. I then by accident stumbled upon another diet called The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). It’s based on the theory that most intestinal bowel disease (IBD) is caused by bacterial overgrowth due to too much starch in the diet. Thus, by making certain limitations, the aim of the SCD is to try to starve the overgrowth. By far, this was the most logical and plausible theory presented to me yet. The diet also has a LOT of followers indicating that it in fact does work, at least for a great part of the people with IBD. When I began it only took a few days to realize that something was definitely working. I felt great!

However, in febrary 2002 I began feeling worse again: diarrhea every day, occasional fever. This despite the fact that I was following SCD. Note that I still think SCD is a very wise way to eat if you’re suffering from IBD, even though it wasn’t enough for me (overgrowth too severe?). I now read more about alternative treatments and tried the DMSO/Melatonin hypothesis [read more here]. At first it seemed to work, but after a few days my symptoms came back.

The Zapper
Starting to feel desperate and considering turning to my doctor for medication, I decided to try one last thing: the zapper [read more here]. It’s designed to kill parasites with weak electrical currents (the exact mechanism that makes it work is yet unknown). Still a strong believer in the bacterial theory of Crohn’s disease, I found the zapper a very interesting device. What if it would work?! It might achieve the same goal as SCD: removing the bacterial overgrowth in the intestine, but in much shorter time (days instead of years). Enthustiastically I began zapping, following the instructions outlined in the book by Hulda Clark PhD (the woman who came up with the idea behind the zapper). To my great disappointment it didn’t seem to do anything for me.

At this point I was becoming so sick that I phoned my doctor for an appointment. It would take a few weeks before I could see him.

About a week before the appointment I tried zapping in a slightly different way. Instead of holding the electrodes in the hands I pressed them into each side of my abdomen (thinking that since this is where the problem was, there was no reason to “dilute” the electrical field between the elctrodes by holding them in my hands). The first day I did this three times of 20 minutes each, morning, lunch and evening. I will refer to this modified way of zapping as bellyzapping. The day after… my stool was perfect!

Considering that this happened after several months of severe diarrhea every day, I was truly amazed!

Today it has been almost three weeks of almost no symptoms at all. I still zapp, though I plan to stop in a couple of weeks to see what happens. I feel better than I have in years. In fact, I can’t remember ever having the calm feeling in my bowel that I have now, not even when I was “healthy”. I go to the bathroom once or twice in the morning around breakfast, with excellent “results”. The only symptoms I have had since I began the modified zapping is some occasional discomfort in my intestine. I think this is because of the rapid hardening of my stools (on the verge of constipation, though this is something I welcome after having had diarrhea for months), causing the discomfort when passing by the part of the intestine that has been inflamed. This discomfort is gradually disappearing (as the intestine is healing I suppose), and today it’s virtually gone.

Of course, a big question is: was it the zapper or the SCD that did this? In my opinion, it is very unlikely that it would be anything but the bellyzapping. First, I have never experienced such a rapid turnaround (24 hours) of a flare. They usually come and go in a rather smooth way, at least for me. Second, everyone I’ve heard talk about how SCD worked for them describe a gradual improvement over several weeks, months or years. Though still trying to follow SCD, I’ve added lot’s of new foods to my diet. Foods I could not previously tolerate: yoghurt, raw vegetables, fruit etc. I’ve also been eating some foods that are considered illegal when following SCD: chocolate, ice cream etc. Nothing seems to bother my intestines anymore! It’s way too soon to use the word cure… but at the moment it certainly seems like one.

The fact that the zapper did not work when I first tried it, using it the way described in Clark’s book, is an affirmation that the mechanism that makes it work (and I am now convinced that it does) is yet very clouded. Is it safe? Since it’s not clear how it works, nobody really knows. But, since a lot of people have been using it for long periods of time all over the world, I think it’s fairly safe compared to all the other things that are out there. And of course, there’s my own well being indicating that is does something positive to my body – leaving me with an almost euphoric feeling (though I expect this to pass as I get used to not being sick).


More details
Here you can read more about how to build the zapper I’ve been using and what parts to use (which can be bought in almost any well stocked electronics store):

I use big bolts as electrodes instead of the copper pipes. I’ve wrapped insulating tape around them except for the head (which I wrap in wet paper (salt solution) and press against each side of my belly). The tape is there to minimize the “loss” of electrical field strength into your arms, maximizing what actually goes into your abdomen.

I’ve also altered my zapping schedule slightly. It now looks like this:

Morning: 20 minutes bellyzapping, 25 minute pause, 10 minute bellyzapping, 25 minute pause, 10 minute bellyzapping

Evening: same as morning

Here’s a collection of e-mails that was part of the correspondence with the webmaster of this website when I started bellyzapping (chronological order). The lines with > in front are written by Ed, all others by Jon:

Jon wrote 5-4-2002
Hi Ed, 

The last few days have been truly amazing! As you probably remember,
I've been flaring for several months now. More or less constant D for
several weeks. A few days ago I decided to start zapping again. Though
after some thought, I decided to apply the electrodes to each side of my
belly instead of holding them in my hands. Assuming that the effective
part of the device is the pulsing electric field (measured in V/m
(volts/meter)), I figured that the shorter the distance between the high
potential node and the low potential node the higher the field intensity
(E=U/distance). I also changed the way I applied the copper pipes.
Instead of putting the long side in contact with my skin I press the
short side (circle) into the skin. It hurts a bit, but the current seems
to be delivered more efficiently this way (I've measured the potential
on different locations on my belly with different modes of application
and concluded that this is the best way so far). 

I call this belly-zapping. The last three days I've been belly-zapping 3
times each day (morning, lunch and evening). Each time consisting of a
20 minute continous session. 

After the first day my D stopped and I had my first perfect stool in
months! I also felt a lot better, though I still had some gas. The day
after I had no stool at all. And today I went once in the morning, and
it was almost too hard, on the verge of constipation (though I welcome
this after such a long time of D). As always, this might just be
some freakish coincidence (of which I have had so many in the past,
thinking I was cured...), but so far it seems very, very promising. One
detail that I have been brooding about is that if the zapper does indeed
kill most of the bugs that have attatched themselves to the intestinal
wall, why do I still have gas? Maybe this is because the effect is
pretty local, not covering the entire intestine but only the region
around and inbetween the nodes. I will keep doing this for a week or so
and then re-evaluate my situation. 

Take care, 


Jon wrote 5-4-2002
>Hey Jon, 
>This is very wonderful news.. I will give it a try too soon.. I think I
>still have some kind of critters inside that are causing some small
>symptoms (little acne on face, allergic to detergent).. If it works out,
>could I post your experience on (ofcourse, anonymous) ? 
>My father has found the oscilloscope, so I will be checking the zapper
>soon to see exactly what frequency its sending out.. 
>Keep me updated, I'm very interested, 
>Ed, The Netherlands

Hi Ed, 

Of course, if it does work out you can go ahead an post it online
(anonymous though). However, it's really too soon to draw any
conclusions... but it's SOO hard not to feel hopeful, though I know the
risk of disappointment is very high (as has happened so many times in
the past, with the DMSO etc). 

I think voltage is a major factor, and I will probably try connecting my
zapper to a "battery-eliminator" that delivers 15 V DC. I've
checked the components and I think they all can handle this higher
voltage. However, I think I will first build a copy of my current
zapper, just in case something goes wrong. 

I read about this guy from the states who built a modified zapper
(higher voltage (15 V) using a battery eliminator and 2000 Hz
frequency). Apparently he cured himself from serious CD with it. But,
since he sells these "ultimate zappers" I'm very suspicious
(especially since they seem overpriced):

Here are a few related links about PEF (Pulsed Electric Fields):

Best regards, 


PS. So far so good! 

Jon wrote 5-4-2002
Hello Ed! 

This afternoon and evening I felt better than I have in months! This is
the third symptom free day (fourth day of bellyzapping). Much less gas
today than yesterday. I'm thinking maybe it was some kind of die-off

Today I added pureed carrots to my diet (which has been VERY limited the
last month). I hope it will work out, and I suppose I'll know by
morning. Anyway, so far so good! 

I couldn't help but think of the implications if it indeed turns out to
be the belly-zapping that is helping... would this mean I don't have to
follow SCD so strictly (or at all) anymore?! After all, even though I do
think the diet is very healthy, it is socially limiting. Damn, I tried
so hard not to jump to conclusions, but it is impossible when I feel SOO

I'll keep you posted (you're actually the only one I've told about the

Now it's time for my 30 minute evening bellyzap session! 


Jon wrote 5-4-2002
> You're zapping 30 minutes in one session ? 
> I've been thinking of experimenting with extended zapping times too.. 
> I hope you're as alive and kicking tomorrow as you're today ! 


Yes, I do zap about 25-30 minutes in one sitting (continously). I do
move the nodes a couple of times because they irritate my skin a bit
(leaving circle marks). Previously I've tried zapping for three 7 minute
periods, but I saw no improvement whatsoever (this was before I applied
the nodes to my belly). The last four days I've zapped three times a
day, each time for about half an hour... and the effect seems to be
immense! Maybe it is enough to zap for 3x7 minutes... but I rarely have
an hour to spare in the morning, so I prefer to do 20-30 minutes
straight. Also, since this seems to be working, I'm reluctant to change
things right now. 


Jon wrote 5-6-2002
Hello Ed!

I'm still doing excellent. This is my fifth day with perfect stools
(well, to be honest they are a bit on the hard side), one or two after
breakfast. I think the parts for my second zapper will arrive tomorrow
(along with the 15V generator). Most likely I will construct the zapper
right away and start using it the same evening. Even though I feel great
I still have some gas (maybe 4-7 X a day). Maybe this is because all the
zapping creates some dysbiosis among the critters that are left ? Maybe
this ammount of gas can be considered ? 

I'll let you know how the new high voltage zapper works when it's

Best regards, Jon 

Jon wrote 5-6-2002
Hi Ed, 

I've changed my mind. I think I will build a "real"
Clark zapper according to the instructions in the
book, instead of the one from (afte all, who the hell
designed this one?). The "Easy zapper" apparently consumes
less power... something I don't see as a positive treat (and the power
consumtion won't matter much once I get the battery eliminator). 

This means I won't be able to bild one this week... but I don't think
there's a rush, since my current zapper seems to be working when I use
it for belly-zapping: still doing great! 


Jon wrote 5-7-2002

Yes, it would be a very odd and frustrating coincidence if it wasn't the
zapper that was making me feel to great. This is my sixth symptom free
day (apart from the gas). By the way, how much gas do you think can be
considered "ok"? I know that ideally one would have no gas at
all... but that seems to be impossible to achieve. As it is now I have
gas maybe 3-7 x a day. Does this sound like a lot? It doesn't really
bother me, it's just that each time I feel something move down there I
think it's the big D coming back to haunt me once more! 

I modified my zapper today. I moved it from my very temporary cardboard
box into a more specialized plastic box (with drilled holes for the
connections). A strange observation is that the voltage between the
nodes is slightly lower now (about 4.4 V). The only thing that has
changes is the soldering (I had to resolder some connections). 

Tomorrow I will get the AC adapter and I will probably bild a zapper
that can run on both adapter and battery current. I havn't decided on
which model to build (Clark or Easy). Since I
allready have an Easy, I think I will build a
Clark zapper... though I will probably build
another easy to have as backup. 

6 symtom free days and counting! 

Take care! 


Jon wrote 5-7-2002

When I tried using the zapper as Clark describes
in her book (i.e. the usual 3x7 minute sessions, holding one pipe in
each hand), I experienced no or very little benefit from it. It was
first when I applied the copper pipes to my abdomen and zapped for 20
minutes, three times a day that things REALLY took off (this is what
happened last wednesday). Clark doesn't seem to
know all the details about how the zapper works... and nobody definately
understands the mechanism that actually kills the microbes (does it even
kill ALL microbes as stated by Clark?). All this
makes discussions about different waveforms pure speculating. It might
not be the properties of an ideal square wave at all that is doing the
trick, but some "flaw" in the square (in real life there is
always a finite rise time). Hence, to me, all comments about waveforms
that are "better" than others seems to be pure speculation (as
long as it's positively offset). 

Also, the battery eliminator that I've ordered is a very good one that
has a rippel of only 30 mV (which means that the voltage varies between
15 +/- 0.03 V). I'm guessing this won't have a substantial effect on the
waveform. Also, that the adapter would somehow "break" and
give you a 220 V jolt is EXTREMELY unlikely since it involves two
separated coils that are separeted by thick insulation to get in contact
with each other... you would have to smash it with a hammer to make this

I went to se my doc today, and all my values are ok, even though I've
been mini-flaring for several months... (though not anymore!). 

I'll update you tomorrow when I've finished the new zapper. 


Jon wrote 5-7-2002

>Hi Jon, 
>This is amazing.. It would be a big coincidence if the zapper wasn't
>doing this.. 
>I'll attach my zapper to the oscilloscope today.. It should show the
>graph as on this page:
>Also, I found some note on using an AC-DC adaptor:
> Why doesn't the Multi-Zap have the
>option to work with an AC adapter? If an AC adapter were to malfunction
>it could send high voltage through to the zapper. A nine volt battery
>power source is much safer. Also, unlike a battery, AC adapters do not
>produce a pure DC voltage. A certain amount of 60 Hz AC line frequency
>comes though and this would interfere with the pure pulsed DC Squarewave
>output of a Zapper. In addition, the battery lasts a long time so we
>feel there is no need to offer this feature. 
>Let me know how it works out with AC-DC zapper.. 
>Good luck, 
>Ed, The Netherlands 

Hi Ed!

Please update me as soon as possible once you investigate the zapper with
your oscilloscope. I'm extremely curious!

Also, I think I will build another "easy" zapper. I wasn't able to find a
suitable timer chip to use with the original Clark zapper plan. Well, I
found a chip that will probably work, though since I'm not certain, and
since the easy zapper seems to work so well...


Jon wrote 5-9-2002
>Hi Jon,
>I've got the oscilloscope working:


Well, if a square wave is what we want... I suppose the cheap zapper
looks even better than the original! 

I think I'll try to borrow an oscilloscope from the university just to
make sure my zappers are really working properly (but, refering to my
diminishing symptoms, they sure seem to). 

I've also finished building an easy zapper that can run on both adapter
and battery current. I've tried it with 15 V, and it puts out about 7.5
V on the voltmeter as it "should". I havn't used the adapter
for zapping yet, since I don't want to change too many variables at once
(I've added several new previously "intolerable" foods to my
diet: brocolli and spices (pepper, thyme)). So far so good. Also, if the
zapper is really killing of parasites, I suppose I should be able to eat
almost anything from now on. 

I'll update you further on. 



Jon wrote 5-10-2002
>I am a bit afraid about one thing and that's about introducing metals
>into the skin. I think the safest metal to use would be iron and not
>copper or aluminium (the worst). The wet towel serves as a barrier to
>prevent copper getting into the skin.. With the belly-zap there is no
>barrier.. What do you think about that ? 

I'm also concerned about the copper coming in direct contact with the
skin. I've been thinking about putting some wet paper inbetween in the
same way you do when zapping in the usual way... however, since things
have been so great with zapping without paper, I've so far been
reluctant to try experimenting too much. Undoubtedly, this is something
I will investigate further. Why would iron be so much better than copper
or aluminium? 

Maybe one can buy big bolts and use them as "handles" in the
same way as the copper pipes (except the area of contact will be much
bigger if you use the head of the bolt. I don't know if stainless steel
is good for the skin either... but I suppose it's better than copper.
What do you think? 

In fact, I think I will try to buy a couple of big bolts today. 


Jon wrote 5-10-2002

I bought a couple of big steel (not stainless) bolts with rounded,
smooth heads that I think will be very good for bellyzapping. I'm hoping
that the sharp edges of the copper pipes aren't essential for the
condictivity (maybe the edges penetrate the outer most layer of the

I also noted that bellyzapping seems to put a higher drain on the
battery. My new battery that I bought yesterday produced 4.70 V before
the first zapping. Now, four sessions (20-30 minutes each) later, it's
down to 4.60 V. Hopefully I will be able to check my latest zapper with
an oscilloscope sometime next week. Then I'll be able to investigate if
the waveform looks any different using the AC-adapter as a powersource
instead of the battery (the zapper has a switch so it can run on either

Regarding the comment that "ac-adapters tend to produce an unstable
output" I wich to say that the adapter I bought is stabilized...
and only has a ripple of 3 mV. Another comment is that the ripple from
the adapter can at most have 120 Hz frequency, making the voltage level
during one zap interval virtually constant. 

Today I added even more foods to my diet: walnuts and yoghurt. I seem to
tolerate them well. Unfortunately I wasn't able to restrain myself when
I went food shopping and bought some chocolate... it's very hard to be
disciplined when I'm doing so extremely well, yet at the same time I
have no idea if it really is the zappers effect I'm experiencing. 

The rumbling is something I also experience, yet there isn't much gas...
strange indeed. Also, the fact that I have any gas at all when zapping
so much is a little disconcerting. Doesn't the zapper kill all
parasites? Is it the bugs that are "inside" the bowel contents
that survive and feast on all the other dead bugs that are killed of
during the zapping sessions? 


Jon wrote 5-11-2002

I did some measurements this afternoon using a wet paper towel between
the electrodes (the new ones of steel I bought yesterday). As far as I
can tell, it doesn't seem to have much of an impact on how much current
is transfered... though this remains to be proven. I think I will try
using wet paper from now on (water with salt that is). Today I noticed
that I have small "burn" marks after the electrodes... not

Another thought: maybe it's just the extended time that has made the
difference, not the area of application (i.e. the belly)? Maybe the same
results can be obtained by holding the electrodes as usual for 20-30
minutes? I don't think I dare try that right now, and I will continue
bellyzapping as usual, with the addition of wet paper towels that is. 


Jon wrote 5-12-2002
>Hi Jon,
>I am forwarding this message to you.. Read the last part that covers the zapper..
>I'm starting to get a bit scared about using the zapper.. Let me know what you think of it..
>The Netherlands
>"CFIDS patient reports that the electric ¦Zapper² made her condition worse.
>In May, 1999, I reported on a reader with HIV who said his HIV viral tripled
>after using Bob Beck¦s Silver Pulser for 2 months. At least 2 or 3 other
>persons with HIV have reported big increases in viral load after using the
>¦Silver Pulser.² In June, I received a letter from Hulda Clark who stated
>that the ¦Zapper² another electrical pulsating device that runs on batteries
>also increases the HIV viral load.
>Last week Adriana Meyer (Oakland, CA) who has CFIDS used the ¦Zapper² and
>told me her symptoms got much worse after she used the electrical frequency
>machine and has since stopped using it. She said two friends of hers with
>CFIDS also reported worse symptoms after using the ¦Zapper.² Adriana Meyer
>can be reached at 510-601-8924 for more information.
>In the early 1990¦s, I once believed in the Rife technology that using radio
>frequencies to kill viruses, parasites, fungal and bacterial infections and
>even cancers. I now believe that while these radio or electrical frequencies
>can do all these things, they also stress the immune system by damaging the
>membranes of normal healthy cells leaving the patient in a weakened state.
>This could lead to an increase in cortisol, glucocorticoids and circulating
>TH2 cytokines like IL-6 that weaken cell-mediated immune responses. I have
>no doubt that if you could subject your whole body to microwaves in a large
>oven, that you could kill most viruses and pathogens. However, you almost
>certainly will do irreparable damage to all the other cells in your body
>leaving it in a vastly weakened state. I strongly believe that the daily use
>of electrical frequency devices have the same downsides as the continuous
>daily use of prescription antibiotics. "
>There is some more speculation on this subject over here:
>Hulda Clark's book, the Cure for HIV is published online (a part of) here
>And this report shows otherwise: The zapper *is* effective for treating HIV


Yes, I must admit that I too am a bit concerned about using a device
that promotes mechanisms that aren't fully understood (or in this case,
not understood at all). But, considering how I fell when using the
zapper, I think I will continue. I prefer life without constant watery D
and the generation of scartissue in my intestine. And for now, the
zapper seems to be the only thing that can help me. Also, the people who
claim they felt worse when using the zapper felt worse RIGHT AWAY. For
me it was the other way around, I felt BETTER right away... 

Do you think it's too dangerous to use, even for me? 


I commend her for her pioneering work, but that doesn't mean it
works for everyone, and in fact, no long term studies show either
benefit or harm.

Jon wrote 5-12-2002
Well, as always there seems be a lot of information out there, some
conflicting. I've been thinking a lot of trying to reduce my current
zapping scheme from 3 times 20 minutes daily to perhaps only once every
day (3 times 7 minutes), like suggested by Clark
(though still applying the nodes to my abdomen). What do you think? 

Today I also checked my two zappers with an oscilloscope at the
university. They both work as they should, generating a nice square wave
of about 25 kHz (T=40*10^-6 s). The wave from the zapper that can run on
either the battery or the adapter showed the same nice wave when I used
the adapter, and it produced higher voltages when I increased the output
from the adapter (it's variable between 5 and 15 volts). I don't think I
will experiment with increased voltages right now though, especially not
after reading what you sent me. 

I can't decide wether to keep my current zapping scheme for a month,
hoping that I will by then be able to stop zapping for a while, or try
to reduce it now... I will have to think more about this. 


Ed's answer below:
>Hi Jon, 
>I will continue zapping.. I think the positive messages overrule the
>handful of negative messages and I don't know for sure if the tests that
>are used (showing higher virus count, etc) are reliable.. Perhaps they
>are also meassuring dead viruses ? Besides that, I do know that I *do* feel
>better when I use the zapper.. I do although think that my remaining
>problems can't be solved with the zapper. My adrenals need to be rebuilt
>first I guess.. 
>If I were you I would definitely keep on zapping.. I hope it will be a
>permanent cure for you.. 
>Good luck, 

Jon wrote 5-17-2002
Good evening Ed! 

Today I built my fourth zapper: an original Clark
zapper (according to the instructions in her book). When it was finished
I went to the university to check it with an oscilloscope. It worked
fine (had a frequency of about 40 kHz). I also compared the the two
waveforms from the two different zappers more closely. As you know, I've
had great success with the easy zapper (which is based on an inverter
chip). I've been using an AC/DC adapter the last week and it seems to
work just as well (if not better) than with the battery. Yesterday I
turned up the voltage to 15 V. Today I had less gas, and was almost
constipated! I think this is a sign that more bacteria were killed off
when I used the higher voltage. I haven't dicided wether to stick with 9
V or continue with 15. 

I also ran the original zapper with the adapter... and the waveform DID
NOT look the same as when I used the battery (it looked
"bumpier"). I think it's the construction of the easyzapper
(Ezapper) that makes it indifferent to slight variations in the input
current. Clearly, this was not the case with the original zapper. I
might try migrating to the original zapper in a few days... but I'm
reluctant to change things too much since I feel sooo good! 

By the way, today is my 16th symptom free day in a row! I haven't felt
this good in years! Right now I have an almost euphoric feeling... maybe
I will have to go jogging to be able to sleep! As you can understand,
I'm fairly convinced that I have now found something that will
"cure" me... or at least take away my symptoms when used
regularly. It would just be too unlikely that my symptoms would just
disappear the day after I began bellyzapping (after months of more or
less constant D). Also, I can't even remember the last time when my BM's
were this perfect for such a long time (today 16 days). Not even when I
began SCD (and felt great) was it this regular and perfect. It really
has to be the zapper. 

I think I will keep zapping another 13 days (30 days total) and then
stop and see what happens. My daily zapping schedule looks like this: 

(morning around breakfast): 20 min bellyzapping, 25 min pause, 10 min
bellyzapping, 25 min pause, 10 min bellyzapping (evening): same as above

I've done some heavy cheating too. Not that I'm proud of it... but I
wanted to "test the limits". I've been eating a few chocolate
bars during this week... and they don't seem to have any effect on my
intestines what so ever! I think from now on I will eat SCD-legal
whenever I can, but I won't let it rule my life like it used to (i.e. I
will eat illegals when visiting friends, eating out or travelling). My
weight has gone up (which to me is a positive thing, I'm almost 1.9 m
tall and weighed 72 kg three weeks ago). I now weigh 77 kg! That's a 5
kg increase in in three weeks. Then again, I've been eating a LOT of
food every day (deliberately trying to gain weight). My goal is 80 kg,
motsly just to see if I can fatten up that much (I've always been a bit

Even though I did feel great almost righ away after I began zapping, I
have improved even more since then. I think this is because my intestine
has healed up after the long flare I had. 

I really think I should write something for your website as soon as
possible. It would be extremely interesting to know if this can help
more people (I think it can, because it fits with the bacteria theory
(which is prabably the root of most IBD cases)). I'll see if I can put
something together this weekend (tomorrow). Any suggestions on how I
should outline it? 


Update 2002-12-29

I have not used the zapper since August 2002. The reason I've not used
it is NOT because I have been symptom free, but rather because of some
strange side effects that apparently came from the bellyzapping: 

1. A strange, unpleasant taste in my mouth after zapping, that would
last all day. 

2. Heavily blood-shot eyes. 

On top of this, there were times when the zapper did not seem to work. I
have no idea why, but I think it is an indication that the understanding
of how the zapper works is close to non-existent. For example: I built
other zappers using the same components, that did not seem to reduce my
symptoms at all (despite giving an almost identical signal). Perhaps the
slight differences in the components (components that are sold as
identical) will result in slight deviations in frequency which will have
a huge impact on the efficacy of the zapper. 

There have been about 3 people who have tried the bellyzapping protocol
(that I know of). Results were questionable: they all said it seemed to
help... but they did not experience the same radical turnaround that I
did when I first began bellyzapping. 

When I finally realized that the low carb/high protein (cooked protein)
diet was not doing me any good (after about 8 months of eating that
way!), and I switched to a higher carb diet (fruit, veggies, and small
ammounts of protein), my symptoms have become much more manageable. I
think the reason why it took me so long to make the switch was becuase
almost everyone I corresponded with was a strong proponent of an
atkins-like diet. 

If I were to become as ill as I was when I first tried the bellyzapping
protocol, I think I'll probably try the zapper again before seeking
medical attention. But, if my symptoms don't get any worse then thay
have been since August 2002, i will definately not use it again. There
are simply too many risks involved. 

/Jon 2002-12-29 

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