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Cancer is becoming a larger problem every year. More and more people get cancer early in life. Recent statistics show that men have a 1-in-2 lifetime risk to develop a cancer. For women this risk is 1-in-3. The last few decades, cancer has started to reach epidemic proportions. Just ask around: You'll be astonished by the large numbers of people that have gotten cancer (or have already died). Then ask your parents or older people if this also happened in their generation.

Not many people know it, but please take a look at these statistics:
The cancer death rate in 1900 was 64 per 100,000 Americans. In 1950, this figure has risen to 130 and currently, it's at an all time high of 140-150. We've got many new treatments (chemo-therapy, radiotion, etc), but the numbers keep rising. If this trend continues, cancer will become the leading death cause before 2010.
Please check all figures in this article.

Linear relation of cancer and grain consumption
This article shows clearly that there is a linear relation between grain consumption and cancer incidence. Even in 1843 this was already known:
it points out that Stanislaw Tanchou "....gave the first formula for predicting cancer risk. It was based on grain consumption and was found to accurately calculate cancer rates in major European cities. The more grain consumed, the greater the rate of cancer." Tanchou's paper was delivered to the Paris Medical Society in 1843. He also postulated that cancer would likewise never be found in hunter-gatherer populations. This began a search among the populations of hunter-gatherers known to missionary doctors and explorers. This search continued until WWII when the last wild humans were "civilized" in the Arctic and Australia. No cases of cancer were ever found within these populations, although after they adopted the diet of civilization, it became common.
This is truly amazing: We've known for more than 150 years that grains are killing us and what is it we're eating more and more: Grains and refined carbohydrates. Just one more reason to adopt a healthier diet, like the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Low-Carb diet or Paleolithic Diet.

The current theory I hear a lot is that some time in life, a cell is wrongly duplicated. A defective cell is the result: A cancer cell. This cell continues to replicate and large numbers of these cells form tumors. Nice theory, but I think it's a *tiny bit* besides the truth.

Some background information
Otto Warburg discovered decades ago that all cancer cells are anaerobic in their metabolism. This in contrast with healthy cells that are mostly aerobic. Aerobic meaning that the cell utilizes oxygen and anaerobic that it doesn't need oxygen for its metabolism. Further, he showed that a healthy cell can easily be transformed into a cancerous cell. He showed this by putting healthy cells in a petridish and removing all oxygen. The cells started to transform into cancerous, anaerobic cells very soon.

David Gregg proposes that anerobic cancerous cells can be transformed back into healthy, aerobic cells when all necessary ingredients are available: Oxygen and all minerals and vitamins that are needed for aerobic metabolism. He even found evidence for this: John Boik put cancerous cells in a DMSO solution and the cells turned back normal, aerobic again. Cancerous cells do not produce CO2-gas (carbon dioxide) and hemoglobin depends on CO2. So, when one cancerous cells stops to utilize oxygen and thus stops to produce CO2, the hemoglobin oxygen transportmechanism is blocked. So, the body has no way to get oxygen to the cancerous cell to revert it back to aerobic metabolism. DMSO, however, can provide oxygen to the cells, independent of hemoglobin. Read more about DMSO and MSM's oxygen transportation capability.. David further proposes that depriving a cell of oxygen is just one way to create a cancerous cell. In fact, depriving a cell of any of the vitamins, minerals, coenzymes or oxygen that are neccessary for good aerobic metabolism, causes it to turn cancerous.

Proposed Single Cause and Cure of all forms of Cancer

David Gregg has written a very interesting article that covers all aspects of the treatment needed to revert cancerous cells back to aerobic healthy cells. By using DMSO and, very important, a powerful blend of vitamins, coenzymes and minerals and some other measures he shows that cancer can be cured. The most amazing part of his theory is that this works for *all* types of cancer. Please read the entire article on his website: Proposed Common Cause and Cure for All Forms of Cancer

One important addition by Ed
There is one thing I'd like to add to the treatment, to make it even more successfull. First read my introduction. In the introduction I show that cancerous cells are anaerobic. This impacts their capability to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and protein. In fact, the only source of energy that's left for anaerobic cells is carbohydrates. So, the cancerous, anaerobic cells can only utilize carbohydrate. Because the mythochondria (the powerplant) of the cancerous cell is disabled (it can only operate aerobically), a cancerous cell is unable to utilize fats for energy. All healthy cells, on the other hand, can perfectly metabolize fats. Indeed, fats are the most efficient power source for healthy cells. So, I propose that David Gregg's Cancer-treatment should be combined with a low-carbohydrate diet. A low carbohydrate diet will cause low blood glucose levels, meaning that the cancerous cells can't feed. Studies show that tumors decrease in size when a person stops eating carbohydrates !

Further studies

Hypothesis on Cancer and Ketosis
Very interesting article that explains why the ketogenic diet works very well for treating cancer !

Impact of low-carb and high-carb diet on breast cancer risks
This article shows that low-fat,high-carb diets increase risk of breast cancer because sex hormone production is boosted by carbohydrates and because essential fats that are needed for the immune system aren't available.

Ketogenic Diet for Cancer
This article show how a ketogenic diet for cancer can be implemented

Ketogenic Treatment for Cancer
Within 7 days of initiating the ketogenic diet, blood glucose levels declined to low-normal levels and blood ketones were elevated twenty to thirty fold. Results of PET scans indicated a 21.8% average decrease in glucose uptake at the tumor site in both subjects. One patient exhibited significant clinical improvements in mood and new skill development during the study. She continued the ketogenic diet for an additional twelve months, remaining free of disease progression.

Tumor Growth inhibited by Ketogenic Diet
These results suggest that a ketogenic diet is more effective than insulin administration in reversing the cachectic process and has the advantage of a concomitant reduction in tumour weight.

Second important addition by Ed
We know now that cancer is actually caused by the T-Bacilli (as Reich called it) or Bacilli X (as Rife called it). These bacteria only start to convert normal cells into cancerous cells when the immune system is down and the life-energy in the body is depleted. Read more about it in the numerous Rife and Reich articles on this page.
When one knows that eating low-life-energy (ch'i, orgone) foods like refined grains or sugar and virtually all products in the grocery stores, that are also depleted of vitamins and minerals, neccessary for the immune system, one can easily understand that over time, this creates the perfect pre-condition for the cancer-bacteria to make its move. In fact there are several solutions:

1] A low-carbohydrate diet to make sure the cancerous cells can't feed, to focus on unrefined, high-life-energy foods and more vitamins and minerals.

2] A super-multi-vitamin supplement, which will boost the immune system and convert the cancerous cells back to normal cells.

3] The orgone-accumulator by Wilhelm Reich, which replenishes the life energy (orgone, ch'i) in the body, which instantly kills the T-bacilli and boosts immunity.

4] A zapper, Blood Electrifier or Rife Machine to directly kill the T-Bacilli, so they won't be able to cause more cancerous cells and to make it an easy job for the immune system.

Here's a very interesting intreview with James Demeo, the scientist who continued Wilhelm Reich research (also links to Rife's work): Interview.


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