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Chronic Inflammation of the Intestines
A chronic inflammation of the intestines is a very debilitating condition. Healthy intestines are neccessary for the proper digestion and absorption of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Regular medicine regards most chronic inflammations as auto-immune diseases. Auto-immune means that the immune system of your body is attacking your own healthy cells.

Regular Treatments
Regular treatments are focused on stopping the destruction of the intestines. This can be done by:
Lowering the immune system activity (ie Prednison)
Taking away the weapon of the immune system (ie Remicade)

These treatments all have in common that they don't fight the primary cause of the chronic inflammation. They only try to decrease the damaging effects. By using any of the regular medications, you are willing to agree to a compromise. You loose some health on one side (imagine a TBC or other infection disease when your immune system isn't functioning), and gain some on the other side. Alas, it's often experienced that the doses need to be increased and eventually the medications don't work anymore. As a last resort, one can take away (operatively) the inflammated tissue.

New Treatments - SCDiet
The new treatments are focused on taking away the primary cause of the chronic inflammation. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet is very effective in doing this. According to the SCDiet theory, the chronic inflammation is caused by a vicious cycle. In short: You keep feeding the bad bacteria the foods you can't digest anymore, while these bacteria keep on destroying the intestines. The intestines can digest even less because of the damage caused by the bacteria. As a result, even less foods are digested and the bacteria eat even more.

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New Treatments - Haber-Weiss Reaction | Read more about it... | Links
Illustrated Introduction | Medical Proof | The original Article by David Gregg
In a very small percentage the diet-approach above doesn't seem to help. If after several months there is no improvement at all, you should consider the following treatment. Here, the damage mechanism is on a chemical level. Iron catalyzes a specific reaction, which produces free radicals. The free radicals destroy the intestines.
Treatment: Topical application of DMSO. A small percentage of the Ulcerative Colitis patients recover very fast.
Possibly, this type of Crohn's is sometimes triggered by a medication, like paracetamol.
Read here how this treatment is related to the diet treatment.

New Treatments - Secretin-Crohn | Read more about it... | The original article by David Gregg | Links
This is a type of Crohn's where a defect causes the acid stumach acid to enter the intestines, without first being flushed by a bicarbonate flush.
Treatment: Adding pig duodenum powder to the diet. Crohn patients which also suffer from autism, recover within a couple of days.

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