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Elaine's Children
This list serve was designed for parents of children who were implementing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to have a forum to discuss the diet and provide support for each other. Parents share their experiences, swap recipes, and answer each others questions on a daily basis.
Parents are finding out that not only are their children's digestion getting better on the SCD diet but that there are often great improvements in behavior and cognition as well.We are healing our children's stomachs and minds. Not wanting to exclude any who would like to try the diet, the list serve is not limited to parents with autistic children, but all who would like help and support in implementing the diet.
Elaine Gottschall,the author of Breaking the Vicious Cycle,is an active member of this group.

eSens: Electrical Sensitivity (ES)
Do you feel ill when you're near computers, cell phones, fluorescent lights, or mobile phone antennas? If so, you may have ''electrical sensitivity''. Common symptoms include headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, prickling or burning skin, and memory loss. Someday the medical field will fully recognize this problem, meanwhile people experience symptoms ranging from annoying to debilitating. It is also something that can be overcome, as people have reduced or eliminated their sensitivities through a variety of means. This group is for people with electric sensitivities to discuss what works for them -- and what doesn't!

Note that this is NOT a group for informational/activist posts about the dangers of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). There are several other forums for this purpose.

This condition is also known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), Electrical Hypersensitivity, Electrosensitivity, Electrosensitive, Electrical Oversensitivity, EMF Sensitivity, Electromagnetic Sensitivity, Electrosupersensitivity, Screen Dermatitis, Video Operator Distress Syndrome (VODS), Radio Wave Sickness, and Microwave Sickness.

Homo Optimus forum
This resource is provided to you by the Australian Homo Optimus Association.

Also check the Australian Homo Optimus Association website, which is very nice at

A Dutch forum can be found at

Een Nederlandstalig Homo Optimus Forum kan je vinden op:


Live-Food Mailing List: A discussion forum for persons
interested in learning about and experimenting with the use
of various raw foods diets which include raw animal foods,
including raw meat, raw fish, raw eggs, and raw dairy.
There are many dozens of raw foods diets which include raw
animal foods; these diets also are often referred to
by the broad terms RAF (raw animal foods), RVAF (raw vegetation
and animal foods), or RPD (raw Paleolithic diet.) Some of these
dietary systems are: the Primal Diet espoused by Aajonus
Vonderplanitz,Instincto, Anopsology, Pangaian diet,
Traditional Diet/Weston Price Diet (partially raw),
Body Ecology Diet, Caveman Diet, Natural Hygiene, Vitarianism,
Paradisian Essene Diet, Essene Diet, Essene Diet of Jesus,
Eco-Eating, Body Electronics diet, the Gerson Diet and more.
You will become acquainted with advocates and authors such
as Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Johnny Lovewisdom, Wai Genriiu,
John Tilden, Ronald Schmid, Vilhjalmur Steffanson,
Guy-Claude Burger, George Goodheart, Paavo Airola,
Sapoty Brooke, John Ray, Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, Sally
Fallon, Weston Price, Donna Gates, William Kelley,
Hilarion, Master Harpo, Arnold DeVries, John Ray and
Walter Last. A natural healing system called
Body Electronics uses an
RAF/RVAF diet as one of four central pillars of the system.
Some versions of Gerson Therapy do the same.
These diets all usually include raw plant products, drinking
copious quantities of raw vegetable juices, and eating some
raw animal products, which may include raw meat, raw fish, raw
eggs, or raw dairy products.
This list is primarily for adherents or prospective adherents
of such diets only. It is a support list for such folks, and
not a forum for attacking RAF/RVAF diets or their basic
premises, nor for attacking folks who eat such diets.

Vinny Pinto is the moderator. Be sure to check his websites too on and and his Effective Micro-organism page: .

Reams Biological Theory of Ionization
Dr. Carey Reams devised a formula that speaks to HEALTH as opposed to sickness.?? He found that when certain factors of a person's urine and saliva were within certain parameters, illness was impossible.?? The 7 factors are urine pH, urine brix, urine conductivity, urine nitrate, urine ammonia, urine turbidity (albumin), and saliva pH. Interestingly, much of his pioneering work has been validated by, of all people, aquarium keepers and reef specialists.?? While the urine/saliva tests have been widely used around the world by a select few for several generations, the modern trend toward ever more accurate and yet less expensive test instruments has fueled a renewed interest in a wider audience who have discovered ''modern'' medicine is failing them.
Ultimately, we must accept that improved nutrition is the keystone to improved health.?? RBTI evaluation can point the way.?? This group is intended to function in parallel with the agricultural & nutrition newsgroup.

(Ed is a member of this forum too)

SCDiet Support Group
This is the most active of the SCD-related lists. Elaine Gottschall is an active subscriber, and shares her fountain of knowledge with over 600 subscribers!

I advise all people starting the SCDiet to become a member of this site, as there is a huge amount of expertise available on that subject..

If there is any problem getting on or off the list, please contact Jaynette at hebegb70 AT
Also check the main site: .

This group is devoted to folks who sungaze. This practice of looking directly at the sun to take in the sun's nourishment is commonly called sungazing, sun gazing, solar healing, solar gazing, sun staring, Sun Yoga and Solar Yoga. Recently, Hira Manek, an ex-engineer from India, has become quite famous for his ability to live on sunlight via sungazing, and he and I (Vinny, the list owner) decided in October 2003 that we should initiate this group. Sun gazing has has been practiced in a number of cultures, including early cultures of/in Egypt, the Aztecs, the Mayans, Indian Yoga, Native American tribes, Tibetan Yoga, and some traditions of QiGong (aka Qi Gung, Chi Kung), such as BaKua (aka BaGe, BaQi) and Tai Chi. The practice has sometimes been called Solar Yoga in Tibet and India, although most modern traditions of Solar Yoga do not involve staring at the sun, but only asanas (poses) toward the sun.
The purpose of this group is to offer support and advice to folks who have chosen to engage in sungazing, and for sungazers to share experiences. This is not a place to attack the practice nor attack the folks who sungaze; such will not be allowed.
Hira Manek has indicated that he will be actively present on this group, helping to guide and steer folks thru the practice of sungazing. Hira Manek has not eaten solid food in over seven years, and lives almost exclusively on sunlight; he has been studied by major research universities and also by scientists performing research for NASA; all studies have supported and validated his claims and practices.
The list operator is Vinny Pinto, a degreed scientist who has been a life-long student of deep wholistic methods of achieving greater levels of health, vitality, well-being and love. Vinny is also a mystic and a spiritual healer.

The Healing Crow Community
The Healing Crow community discusses non-drug related approaches to healing chronic illnesses. Specific topics include: The Specific Carbohydrate Diet and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Paleolithic nutrition, Orthomolecular nutrition, low carbohydrate diets, and others.

(Ed is a member of this one for quite a long time already)
Also check Seth's (the webmaster/moderator) website: .

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