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Experiences with the Dutch CCFA and pharmaceutical industries

Thursday, January 17 2002 - Filed under: General

Yesterday, I received the December issue of the Dutch CCFA Magazine.

It didn't come as a surprise: They didn't publish the article on the
SCDiet I sent them.

I've been trying to do this since the beginning of 2001. They've
completely ignored me. Replies came in after two months. Two months
ago I asked them again to publish the article and they said the
articles was sent to the editors. Well, no results..

I thought that maybe the Dutch CCFA would be a clean association. I
couldn't be more wrong: Just like the American CCFA, they are
sponsored by the food- and pharmaceutic industry.

I begin to realise that the world is really sick.
I begin to see that politics are not needed anymore. Companies are
the government. The companies control every aspect of our society.
Politicians were invented in a democracy to serve the people. They
can all leave now: They are not serving the people, they are serving
the companies.

Why do you think Bush decided to rape the environment even further:
Because of the energy producers (turnover of over $1 trillion).
Everything is about money ! People, environment, animals, etc come in
2nd place.

I recently saw a nice documentary about the so called anti-
globalists. In fact they are not agains globalism. They are
protesting against *the way* it's done. Again, everyhing is about
profits. When you see the children of 10 years old working behind the
machinery to produce nice clothes and earning less than $10 a month.
I was astonished: I thought they were playing the tape at double
speed: That's how fast they have to work. At the end of the day, they
can barely walk home. All the money and profits leave the country and
end up in the wallets of the big industrials.

The government (=companies) knows very well that our current diet is
causing the three primary deaths in the Western world. They won't do
anything about it, because the profits of the biggest industries
would drop. If everybody would eat the SCD, we would see no more
diabetes, no more overweight people, no more cardiac arrests, no more
cancer, and lots of other diseases would become extinct.

The pharmaceutical industry alone is selling drugs worth more than 1
trillion dollars ! That's four times the gross national product of
The Netherlands. Total GNP of the USA is about $ 10,000,000,000,000.
Yes, that's 10 trillion. The pharmaceutical industry is making 10% of
the GNP of the USA !

You can imagine that it wouldn't be well for the economy to reduce
this 1 trillion dollars.
Then there is the food industry, which has a total turnover of $2
trillion. They really won't like it if nobody can't eat their
processed and refined foods anymore.

I we can persuade everybody to eat the SCDiet or paleolithic diet,
the economy will CRASH. Millions of people will be fired.

Now I start to understand why the government is not doing anything
about it. In fact there is no government. The government *IS* the
companies. In T.S. Wiley's book: Lights Out he explains this. He even
has *hard evidence* that the government is aware of our bad diet and
that this diet is in fact the leading death cause in the
Western World..

When you know this, you can imagine how big a struggle it will be to
get the people to know this. It's us against the multitrillion dollar
corporations (disguised as people-serving governments). It seems
impossible, but we will do what we can ! Power to the people is what
we need. NOT Power to the corporations. They like dollars over
human health.

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