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Interesting Idea to Kick Ass !

Thursday, January 17 2002 - Filed under: General

I woke up this morning and an idea came to mind (the 10 minutes after
waking up prove to be very effective for generating ideas):

I reasoned that every health/disease association that is somehow
sponsored by some industry, can't be regarded as an independent,
objective association. Seems fair, don't you think ?

Wouldn't it be cool to have a website on the net where every
association and its financial dependency or independency is listed.

A way to get the data needed for this list:
Send every association a letter in which you ask if they can tell you
if they're sponsored by a pharmaceutical or foodprocessing company
(or in fact any company).
The associations that respond can be listed as being independent or
not, depending on what they write. The ones that don't respond can be
added to the non-independent list.

On a nice website we then present the data in two lists:
The corrupt associations and (a small, very small list of) clean

This would really kick ass !

However, I haven't got the guts to do this. I'm afraid my name will
show up in many black lists in companies and in government circles.
I don't want to be wondering the rest of my life wether or not my
application for a job was discarded because of my incompetence or
because I'm in these black lists. Or even worse..

I think this tactic in general works very nicely. It's all about
making the tentacles of the industries more transparant. So everybody
can see that nothing is what it seems.

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