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What is the Codex Alimentarius ?

Monday, February 18 2002 - Filed under: General

> What is this?

Codex is a standard promulgated by the German pharmaceutical companies
formed when IG Farben was split up (into Hoechst, Bayer and BASF) because
they had put Hitler into power and manufactured the poison gases used to
kill concentration camp victims. They are trying to protect their markets
for drugs by preventing citizens from buying food supplements except in
doses lower than would be found in ordinary foods. They would force
anyone who wanted or needed a supplement to get an expensive prescription
for a vitamin, which would still not be available in decent potencies, and
would cost 10 to 100 times more than it would over the counter, and might
also be bundled with drugs, as I found to my chagrin when I tried to get
B6 in Germany. I had to get a prescription from a doctor for it, and I
could NOT get B6 alone, but only in combination with a drug. In spite of
all our efforts to preserve our freedom to buy food supplements here, if
our government chose to, with one stroke of the pen, it could wipe out our
freedom to buy them by deciding to conform with Codex Alimentarius. This
would, of course, make sure that millions and millions more people became
ill from heart disease and other conditions for which there is an
extremely lucrative market for drugs.


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