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Energy Healing
19/10/2017Lyme disease: very complex disease, but it can be healed
18/10/2017Gum recession and tooth decay: real cause is acid reflux
16/05/2005A Healing Tao view on electrosmog sensitivity
15/08/2004Read this first: Assemblage Point Medicine
23/07/2004Radio Interview with James Demeo w.r.t. orgone and Wilhelm Reich
18/07/2004Assemblage Point vs. Hamer New Medicine vs. Reich orgonomy
13/07/2004More information on the assemblage point and progress-report so far.
13/07/2004Information on assemblage point and Q: Does sungazing affect assemblage point location
07/07/2004Stuffed nose, sinusitis, stuffed sinus
07/07/2004Coma and determining if a person is still alife
28/05/2004Sungazing and electrosmog sensitivity
24/05/2004Electrosmog, adrenalin and agressiveness
13/05/2004Assemblage Point Therapy experience
18/04/2004High-Voltage Therapy for Snakebite
24/12/2003UMTS en gezondheid
27/11/2003UMTS en de grondwet
01/10/2003UMTS Straling schadelijk voor de volkgsgezondheid
03/05/2003Wat is een DECT telefoon en waarom zijn ze zo schadelijk ?
08/01/2003Experience with a natural (energy) healer, using a Radionics device
07/01/2003Meats and fish: Not so good afterall ?
02/01/2003You are what you think.. You are what you send out
07/12/2002Wat betekent ''Ontstoren'' nu precies (electrosmog, aardstralen, etc) ?
26/11/2002Overview of Energy Medicine device producers
02/10/2002Depression: A promising treatment: Energy Medicine !
25/09/2002Overview of Energy Healing Clinics
13/08/2002My first (positive!) experience with an energy-medicine clinic
04/07/2002How to make your own Alex Chiu Immortality Rings
04/07/2002Immortality Rings intro
25/05/2002The zapper, what it is, how it works, where to get one
18/05/2002HealingCrow Bellyzapping Testimonial Anouncement
08/05/2002The two zappers connected to the Oscilloscope
13/02/2002The zapper, the Rife-machine and proof of its efficacy !
09/02/2002How bacteria affect the liver and bile production and updates on the zapper
07/02/2002The ''Easy'' Zapper Design
01/02/2002How to build your own zapper. An illustrated guide

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