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High-Voltage Therapy for Snakebite

Sunday, April 18 2004 - Filed under: General

Excerpt from Dr. Becker's Cross Currents book, page 167:

As soon as possible after a snakebite has occured, the spark plug wire from an outboard motor is disconnected from the plug and held against the bite, while the starteer rope is given a few pulls. .... Applied to the snakebite, this voltage not only makes the victim uncomfortable but also seems to inactivate the toxin. The success rate of this low-tech technique is amazingly high, with what would once have been fatal bites now apparantly survivable.
Exactly what happens to the toxin is unknown. Most such toxins are fairly complex biological molecules. Once could postulate that in response to the high-voltage pulse, a molecular rearrangement occurs that inactivates the toxin. However, this has yet to be proved.

On the bottom of this page, this technique is described too:

The book Cross Currents is very interesting and everyone who is slightly worried about the effects of radiation and electricity on humans should read it:

Please note
There are some sites ( ) which claim that it's not proven and there are some medical studies which suggest that it's ineffective.
Nonetheless, If I were somewhere deep in the jungle and all I had was my car or motorcycle, I would just give it a try.

An e-mail I received August 12th, 2004
I just thought that you might be interested in the following:

Although Dr. Becker is a virtual ''genius'' when it comes to research, he lacks even the most basic concepts surrounding Ohm's Law, in electronics.
What Dr. Becker failed to realize is that HIGH VOLTAGE is not necessary to render reptile myotoxins inert; It is the amount of electrical CURRENT that passes through the substance that accomplishes that feat.
Ona typical 15,000 volt arc, the actual voltage drop across highly-conductive human tissues is only around 60 to 80 volts. The other 14,900 volts are dissipated in the arc, itself.
The emerging field of EDT, or electro-detox-therapy, dictates that only brief pulses of biphasic electrical current, in the range of 10 to 20 mA, (milliamperes) is all that is required to render the reptilian myotoxins inert.
In addition, the current is dissipated over a larger surface area, using silver electrodes that are approximately 1.75 inches in diameter, which effectively ''floods'' the tissues surrounding the bite, with current. The devices produce between 4 and 6 pulses per second. This larger surface area and far lower voltage significantly reduces the somewhat uncomfortable treatment from stun guns and ignition wires.
Research has shown that not only myotoxins are affected, but other types as well, including those organic toxins from ants, spiders, scorpions, jellyfish, and other such poisonous venoms.
3 to 4, 1-second duration applications will usually render the toxins inert, and stop swelling from occurring.
Please note that the ''studies'' that were done, that argue against the efficacy of this technology were paid for by pharmaceutical sponsors, and as everyone already knows, ''You don't bite the hand that feeds you!'' (Pun intended.)


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