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Assemblage Point Therapy experience

Thursday, May 13 2004 - Filed under: General

This morning I drove over to Almere (Netherlands) to get the Assemblage Point treatment. A friendly, calm and balanced looking person opened the door for me and guided me upstairs to the treatment room.

He asked some questions about my personal health history and questions about accidents and trauma's that might have shifted the assemblage point. I told him that my main complaint was low energy and based on that and the answers I gave to the questions he theorized the assemblage point had probably moved downwards.

I was offered two choices: Moving the assemblage point by just using the large crystal or by using the advanced electronic gems. I decided to use the 2nd option, which is more expensive but also yields more energy.

Locating the assemblage point
I needed to take off my shirt and the therapist then tried to locate my assemblage point by by carefully touching and feeling my chest and the area down to my navel. He can sense where it is because the assemblage point radiates a strong energy to which he was trained to be sensitive. After a minute or so he knew where it was: It had moved downwards, somewhere in the middle between my navel and my chest. He also demonstrated that it would feel a bit awkward when he would press on the skin nearby. I was able to confirm that.

The shift
Next, I needed to breath in and out 2 times. The third time I needed to hold my breath and then also contract/close my anal muscle and bladder muscles and at the same time swallow. This closes the energy pathways. Next he would give three blows to my back to release the assemblage point from its current location. I then had to hold a large crystal wand at my chest, at the location where the assemblage point should be in the first place.

It's moving
After a few minutes, he tried to find the assemblage point again and he confirmed it was travelling upwards. It was halfway now. He also demonstrated with an infrared temperature meter/sensor that the assemblage point spot was about 1 degree centigrade colder than the surrounding skin.

Electronic gem treatment
I then had to sit down in the chair next to the electronic gem lamps. These lamps are filled with several small crystals and gold particles. That's the reason why this device is so expensive. One light was mounted on my chest, at the optimal assemblage point location. The other light was mounted on my back, also at the optimal location. The energy from these lights attract the assemblage point such that it will move there and become fixed. I needed to sit like that for twenty minutes.

He also used a third orange lamp filled with diamond(s) and carnelean, oscilating the beta brain frequency at 8.3 Hz and focused it on my milt/pancreas. The milt was too cold and needed some activation. The liver on the other hand was too hot and needed some cooling down.
After about 10 minutes, the orange lamp was removed and another green lamp filled with emerald and saffier oscilating with the Theta Brain frequency of 1.3 Hz was used and pointed at the liver to cool it down.
Till then I was feeling a bit fuzzy, but I started to feel better by then.
After the 20 minutes, all lights were removed and I was done.

Cultural differences yield different assemblage point locations
During the treatment I was able to ask him some questions. It seems that the assemblage point locations in the Netherlands are quite different from those in for example the UK. This is probably due to cultural differences. In the UK, for example, split-assemblage points, i.e. two- or even three assemblage points are rarely seen. Three assemblage points are very rare, say 1 in 100 cases. In the Netherlands this is at least 1 in 20 cases and a split (i.e. two locations) assemblage point is seen very often.
Location is often to the right or lower-right due to the high stress level in the Netherlands.

Interesting change during the treatment
One interesting thing happened during the treatment. I was at once able to see the therapist's aura as a shining light-blue colour. Beforehand I was able to see some kind of aura, but I wasn't able to see any colour. It would be white only.

The Biotensor
The therapist also demonstrated the biotensor and showed that I was burdoned by geopathic stress quite heavily. So I will need to check that out. Also, the biotensor revealed I was sensitive to high frequency radiation from radars and telecommunication devices.
After the treatment, I paid the therapist and drove back home.

What are the results so far ?
I feel more balanced and relaxed, but not dramatically more. The effect can be apparent the same day, but in some it takes a bit longer, like 2 weeks orso.. So, I'll keep you updated.

I do feel that an Assemblage Point treatment can make a *huge* difference in both physical and emotional diseases. I think it's certainly worth a fair try. In The Netherlands, at you can find a therapist nearby who can shift the assemblage point to the right location. In the UK you can visit the website for more information.

Preliminary Conclusion
I feel that a combination of assemblage point shifting plus dietary treatment can mean a tremendous increase in both emotional and physical health. Especially in cases where people have been following a good diet for some time, but just can't seem to improve any further (quite common in chronic fatigue/M.E., fibromyalgia and other chronic disease), you should give the assemblage point a try.

Update May 14th 2004, Day+1
Last night I had a strange sensation:
In my chest I felt a rotating, vibrating energy, exactly at the new location of the assemblage point. It was something I had never felt before and it lasted about 2-3 minutes. I wonder what happened: Was it the fixation of the new assemblage point spot ?
During the day I noticed more energy and I felt more stable and relaxed. I also think that the new position of the assemblage point can be seen when I look in the mirror: There is a very slight lightening of the skin at that position, but I'm not 100% sure. Will keep you updated.

Update May 16th 2004, Day+3
Today I felt better than I've felt for the last months ! Lots and lots of energy and a very positive attitude. Very promising. Please note I'm also using other therapies/diet adjustments so I'm never 100% certain it's caused by the assemblage point shift, but it sure seems promising.

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