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The zapper, the Rife-machine and proof of its efficacy !

Wednesday, February 13 2002 - Filed under: General


For those unfamiliar with Hulda Clark's zapper: The zapper is a 9volt device. It outputs an oscillating signal at 30kHz, positive flank.
This signal, 30kHz, interferes with the life-frequency of many bacteria, parasites and viruses. These small lifeforms have life-frequencies up to several hundred kHz, while human and most big lifeforms have frequency ranging from 1MHz to 10MHz. The zapper seemingly only kills the small lifeforms and doesn't harm the large lifeforms.. I've experimented a lot with the zapper, and I can confirm that it does work. When I feel like I am catching a cold, I do a zapping and it's completely gone.. I also got rid of my painful knuckles by using the zapper.

Please be sure to also read the interesting story on how Hulda Clark discovered the zapper:

Other abstracts from Hulda Clark's book, the Cure for All Disease can be found here:

And here:

Message 2

Hi there,

I think most of you are still very reluctant to try the zapper, because
you doubt its efficacy.
Well, I think I can proof it. In the book The Cure for all diseases,
written by Hulda Clark, there is one experiment that I found very
interesting, although not so ethical.
It's about taking an earthworm and putting it on a dish with water in
it. Then, using the zapper, see how long it takes before it dies or
becomes immobile.
If I can show that with using the zapper (30 KHz, positive wave
frequency) the worm dies *and* it doesn't die when I use only the 9volt
battery, without the zapper electronics, I think we can consider it as
proof.. It's not very ethical however (I'm of the type that rather
saves a spider and setting it free outside than flushing it down the

In the book she also describes how one can sterilize milk.. With the
syncrometer it's possible to check if there are bacteria in the milk
beforehand. After zapping, they won't be there anymore... This would be
very interesting, because it would allow us to use raw milk for
producing yoghurt.. At the moment I don't have the spare time to build
the syncrometer, but when I do, I will build it and let you know the

General info on the zapper: Excerpt from Hulda Clark's book:

Also, Hulda Clark was not the first to invent this technique. In the
1920's Rife built the world most powerful microscope. Check the
picture, it's awesome:
So, we can
conclude he must have been some kind of genius.
Using this microscope, he could study the effects of electro-magnetic
frequencies on viruses and bacteria and he discovered that he could
destroy cancer viruses inside living people. In 1934 he applied this
technique to a group of 16 terminal cancer patients and was able to
heal 14 of them using and also the last 2 with a slight adjustment to
the technique. Check this site for pictures of the original machine he

In 1939, all distinguishded doctors were denying they ever met Rife.
This complete reversal was the result of pressure from the drug
companies on them.

His research was suppressed by medical officials and societies to
protect orthodox medicine. Doctor's using Rife's instruments were
threatened with jail terms if they continued to use the instruments.

In 1971, Rife who had been living alone in a rest home, died of a heart
attack. He was destitute and never lived to see his research accepted
by the medical industry.

A picture of Rife:

Also check this page:
>Due to governmental restrictions testimonies are no longer allowed.

Ofcourse, it's listed on the quack page.. I will study the critics to
see if they are valid..
I think they're not and we can add the rife machine to the list of
other government (read: pharmaceutical industry) banned treatments and
foods, like DMSO and stevia.
Imagine this: We might have the cure to all cancers available since the
1930's and still many, many people are dying of it.

Check the lab reports here. It seems like he was able to kill Bacillus
Anthracis ( Anthrax ). (Click on the lab report links on
the left)

This site is very interesting, as it lists more than 100 cases treated
with a Rife-like machine:

Many of these cases are signed by physicians !

Check out the broad range of different diseases it's healing.. It's
really amazing.

Well, I don't.. I will study this further..

Also check this one from The Netherlands:
Please note that the Doctor publishes his name, phone number and
address of the clinic !

I'm so sorry, that Rife didn't live to see the effect of internet on
I hope it won't take much longer before the pharmaceuticals are out of
Imagine how many deaths and suffering they have caused the last
It's like a horror-movie..

The cure for *ALL* diseases might be a bit pretentious, but we will

I just read the critics and they contain very poor criticism.. Like:
Why isn't this treatment more well known ? Why aren't there studies
performed (in fact there are some studies now, check the previous
site).. The same kind of critics as the SCDiet receives.. But the
internet will be able to break the vicious cycle by making the
treatment more well known once more and more people get healed.

My father is trying the zapper too now and he told me his shoulder
pain, which he had for two years now, was completely gone the day
afterwards.. We still have to wait if it remains OK.. I'll keep you

I can conclude (again) we live in a very sick world: We are denied
proper treatment because those treatments don't generate cash flow for
the pharmaceutical industry (1 trillion dollar industry, i.e. 10% of
GNP of USA)..

Well, I think I presented enough to think about for today..

Let me know what you think of it,

By the way, I made some illustrated plans for the zapper:
Design 1:
Design 2:

The Netherlands

3rd message, as of February 13th 2002


>This site is very interesting, as it lists more than 100 cases treated
>with a Rife-like machine:

This is not true.. Sorry..
It's not really a Rife-like machine.
It's a machine that using electro-magnetic waves. The energy replenishes the cellular energy.
Professor Pappas says that low cellular energy is the cause of many diseases (like David Gregg says too).
David Gregg treats it by making sure the cells get all the neccessary energy and nutrients by supplementing vitamins, antioxidants, and DMSO (to guarantee proper oxygen transport). Prof. Pappas does this by supplementing bio-energy with his machine.. I think prof. Pappa's machine, the PAP-IMI is like a superpowerfull ''Reiki machine''.
So all cases on the links above are based on the PAP-IMI treatment..

So, now we have two promising treatments:
* The Rife and Hulda Clark machines, aka zappers
* The PAP-IMI treatment for supplementing bio-energy

Check Prof. Pappas' cancer theory, which is very interesting:

Especially when you also read David Gregg's cancer theory:

Imagine what a combined treatment could do (D.Gregg+Prof.Pappas's treatment) for cancer and chronic fatigue.
Check David Gregg's page on chronic fatigue:
Or even better, combining all three treatments (Rife/Clark+Gregg+Pappas).

Greetings from The Netherlands,


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