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The two zappers connected to the Oscilloscope

Wednesday, May 08 2002 - Filed under: General

I've finally managed to get the oscilloscope working. It wasn't all that difficult after all.. A could tip would be to buy a use oscilloscope somewhere, so you can check your zapper yourself..

I connected the Easy zapper and after some fiddling with the settings I got this graph:

Every vertical scale (centimeter) is 5 volts. So you can see it's putting out 9volts. That's very nice to see, because with a voltmeter it only shows 4.5 to 5.0 volts..

Here, the vertical scale is 5v/cm and the horizontal scale (10 microseconds/cm). This yields 3 centimeters times 10 microseconds = 30 microseconds per cycle. This yields 1 / (30*10^-6) = 33.3 kHz, which is close to the correct frequency (some measuring differences ofcourse).

Next, I connected the Clark' zapper that uses the LM555 chip and it shows a comparable signal, but the frequency is differenct (158kHz) and the voltage is only 8.5 volts. Also the waves have a different shape. They're less perfectly shaped as the ones produced by the Easy zapper.. Perhaps it's because of the higher frequency.. I don't know

Note: It seems like the Easy-Zapper has a more stable chip and produces nicer waveforms, especially when higher voltages are used

On the horizontal scale is the time in (2 microseconds per centimeter).
This yields about 3 centimeters per cycle, which means 3 * 2 * 10-6 seconds per cycle. (1 / 6*10-6) = 166.6 kHz.. Which is very close to what it is designed to do 164kHz. This is due to measuring differences.. I should have increased the scale to 1 microsecond per centimeter, but then you wouldn't get a real overview of the waves.

Finally, this is a picture of my oscilloscope:

Ed, May 8th 2002

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