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The zapper, what it is, how it works, where to get one

Saturday, May 25 2002 - Filed under: General

For those unfamiliar with Hulda Clark's zapper:
The zapper is a 9 volt device. It produces a positively offset square wave of 30kHz.
The exact mechanism that makes it work is yet unknown. The zapper seemingly only kills the small lifeforms and doesn't harm the large lifeforms.. I've experimented a lot with the zapper, and I can confirm that it does work. When I feel like I am catching a cold, I do a zapping and it's completely gone.. I also got rid of my painful knuckles by using the zapper.

Read here how Hulda Clark discovered the zapper:

Do not zap if you are pregnant or wearing a pacemaker!

Read some further info on the zapper:

If you want to build your own zapper, please check one of these design plans:

Clark zapper
Easy Zapper

Our preference goes to the Easy Zapper, since it shows better square waves on the oscilloscope.. For the oscilloscope pictures, check this:

Where to get one
If you'd rather not build one yourself, you can also get one from the Internet. Most companies sell them for prices starting at $49 to more than a hundred dollars. That's very expensive, since the components in it are very cheap.. If you want to buy a premanufactured one, please check this one. We think the price is very fair, especially since it includes shipping costs:
You can order an Easy-zapper for only $10, which includes shipping costs to the USA or $12, which includes shipping costs to the rest of the world. You can order it here:
There have been some problems with the shipments. Please check this message:

Once you've made the payment it will take two to three weeks or even up to three months before you get it. It looks like this:

What you see is the chip wrapped up in black material and two alligator clip leads attached to the chip. To construct an ordinary zapper you would have to go to the nearest hardware shop and get this:

2 pieces of ?'' copper pipe, cut to 4 inches long each

Next, you attach the two pipes to the two alligator clips. You also need a standard 9 volts battery. When you use it you connect the battery to the 9V battery clip. Be sure to disconnect it when you're done zapping, because else the battery will drain very soon.

Update September 2008
Here you can get one for 10 dollars also, but it will be shipped right away according to the seller: ..

How to zap yourself
Before you can go ahead an zap yourself, you will need two small pieces of toilet paper. You should moisturize it until it's wet with salted water. Don't use unsalted water, because that has a high resistance. Once moisturized, you put the two pieces of paper on the two copper pipes.

Next, you connect the 9V battery the right way (be sure not to connect it the other way around because it might kill the zapper). Then you grab the two copper pipes with both hands. You should hold them firmly, but you don't have to put too much power/pressure in it..

The zapping protocol is like this:
* First, zap for 7 minutes
* Disconnect the zapper and wait 20 minutes
* Do the second zapping for another 7 minutes
* Disconnect the zapper and wait another 20 minutes
* Do the final zapping for again 7 minutes

Why do we need to zap 3 times ?
That's because small viruses also infect larger parasites in the body. When you first zap, you will definitely kill the parasites. But after some time the viruses, who are not harmed, will get out of the parasites and start to find a new place to live in. That's exactly when you strike again with the second zapping. The third zapping is for the same reason, because this housing-process can work on two levels deep: A virus in a parasite, that is housing in another parasite itself..
So, after the third zapping you're fairly sure you've got to all of them..
If you forget the 2nd or 3rd zapping, the odds are great you will develop a sore throat because of the high virus count in your blood.

Bellyzapping protocol
The bellyzapping protocol is slightly different. It uses different timings and also different conductors. Jon used bolts and pressed the heads into his belly. The surface area of the heads is about 9 square centimeter or 1.4 square inch. I think that's about the surface area of a dollar coin ? In fact you could use a coin for this purpose, but a bolt would be easier to handle. You should tape off the part of the bolt where you put your fingers, so that all current flows into the belly and not the hands. Attach the alligator leads to the bolt and press the head of the bolt firmly into the belly. It would be better to use the same salt-watered toilet paper as a buffer under the head of the bolt.
Next, start zapping. Jon did it three times a day, using the following regimen: 30 minutes zapping in a row. Once in the morning, afternoon and evening.
Later he updated the regimen, because he could feel a sore throat to this regimen:
Morning: 20 minutes bellyzapping, 25 minute pause, 10 minute bellyzapping, 25 minute pause, 10 minute bellyzapping
Evening: same as morning

Warning, Start slowly
WARNING: I recently got a call from a lady who used a 2000 Hz 15 volt ''Ultimate Zapper'' made by a company in Canada. She told me that the result of using the device was neurological damage that has not cleared up. I doubted that the zapper itself could cause damage and asked her about the details. She had used the unit 40 minutes a day from the first day. The result, she says, has been fairly serious problems that have lasted for a couple years. It appears that she had killed something like candida or Lyme spirochetes so fast that toxins had caused damage. These are research devices only. They are not approved for use on humans. If they are used, they should be used with caution, starting out with 1 minute per day and slowly increasing.

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