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Experience with a natural (energy) healer, using a Radionics device

Wednesday, January 08 2003 - Filed under: General

Today, I've been to Mr. W. Kruyt, a natural healer in Bunnik.. He's more than 70 years old and followed a six year study to become a natural healer (''Natuurarts'').

Mr. Kruyt is very experienced and knowledgeable and has a small clinic in his house..

He has an Orgone Accumulator, a self-designed zapper-like device, and the most important of all, some sort of Radionics device. This Radionics is device is very unique.. He thinks only two people in The Netherlands have such a device.. He can create F-potency (homeopathy) solutions with it, that virtually nobody else can..

He uses a big book, which is full of numbers.. These numbers correspond with frequencies and colours.. As far as I could see, the first page is the index page and is something like this:

* Emotions
* Organs xxxxxxx
* Parasites yyyyy
* Yeasts zzzzz

The xx's yy's and zz's depict the numbers.. The index page contains about two dozen categories I guess.. He uses a dowsing rod in one hand and a pen-like rod in the other hand.. The dowsing rod is held close to me and the pen-like rod is moved over the different categories on the page..

Once this is done, the dowsing rod starts to move up-down, left-right or remains stable.. When it moves up-down the rod acknowledges that I have that certain condition or symptom..

Next, he browses through the pages, to the category-page, say Yeasts and now moves the pen-like rod across the different types of yeasts.. In my case, the dowsing rod started to move up-down when the pen-like rod was moved over the word candida albicans..

This is the complete list of symptoms/conditions:

* Hatred 8093
* Liver 48
* Pancreas 9972
* Intestines 22 (Duodenum, Ileum to be more specific, large intestines seemingly ok)
* Candida Albicans 500755
* Liver Chakrum (plural = Chakra) 48-76798
* Beryl 551110

The last one, Beryl, is a crystal which would help improve my health..

Next, all these numbers are written down.. A special magnetic card is inserted into the Radionics device and one by one the numbers are entered, using analog dials. Once the number is entered, a button is pressed and the number is electro-magnetically loaded into the card. All numbers are processed and added to the card..

Next, the card is taken out and inserted into another slot in the machine. On the left there is an empty cup-sized slot in which a small bottle of 40%-alcohol,60%-water is inserted. Another button is pressed and then it takes 5 minutes to ''download'' the energy related to the numbers into the solution.

When it was ready, I had to hold the bottle in my hand and say out loud: ''I will use 3 drops, three times a day''.. The dowsing rod was held close to me and it swinged no ''left-right''.. Next, I had to say ''I will use 4 drops, three times a day''.. The dowsing rod again answered ''No''.. Then, I got the message and said: ''I will use 5 drops, 3 times a day'' and this time it swinged ''yes'', swinging up-down..

Next, he gave me some advice and explanations.. He told me Candida Albicans would be a hard one to get rid of.. He told me I had probably used anti-biotics somewhere in history, which is quite right: When I was less than 10 years old, I had several ear-infections and was given penicilin quite some times..

This is the general explanation he gave me: The energy levels of the things on your card (hatred,liver,pancreas,intestines,etc) are below the balanced level.. The Radionics machine has now put counter-energies in the solution (D6-potency solution he says).. So, the liver, number 48 is below normal energy level and the energy in the solution is above the balanced level and will even out with the ''negative'' energy level, so that over time, the liver energy level will reach the normal balanced energy level it should have..

My father came along and after I took the first dose of 5 drops in reverse-osmosis water, my eyes and face-expression was showing some strange movements, I wasn't even really aware of. After 5 minutes, I felt more clear in my head..

As he had propoced to help me out, he told me it would be my decision if I would want to pay him, or not.. I'm quite convinced the diagnosis is correct and I'm also quite convinced the energies in the solution will be of great help, so I decided to give him 50 euro's..He first didn't even like to accept so much, but eventually he did.. We had talked to him for over three hours concerning many interesting topics...

His normal fee is 40 euro's if I'm correct.. I think that might be the 40 euro's best spent in your life.. I will keep you updated on my progress..

The Candida, liver and panceas problems are ofcourse exactly in line with my symptoms: Skin-allergies, no tolerance at all for any carbohydrates, bad digestion and tolerance of cooked foods.. I have a good feeling about this treatment..

One more note: About the hate-emotion I seem to have.. That seems to be quite natural in people that have suffered from health-problems for some time.. The lower body starts to hate the higher self; It blames its higher self (''the ego'') for all harm that is done to the lower self, the body.. The dowsing rod starts to move up-down with almost every people he treats, so it's not really something to worry about..

Well, if other people from The Netherlands want to visit Mr. Kruyt, please give him a call, in between 18:30 and 19:30. He lives in Bunnik and his phonenumber is 030-6563681
His email address is

He is able to treat cancer, HIV, AIDS and many other diseases.. He notes that most diseases in the Western World originate from yeasts (like candida and others)...

Oh, before I forget, best Wishes for 2003 !

The Netherlands

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