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Further proof and studies confirming the myocplasma threat !

Thursday, January 17 2002 - Filed under: General

In a study published in Monday's edition of the journal Medical
Nicolson and his colleagues laid out the case for mycoplasms as the
culprit behind chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Gulf War
and rheumatoid arthritis. In one look at 203 chronic fatigue patients,
around 70 percent showed signs of mycoplasm DNA in their bloodstream.
contrast, only 9 percent of 70 healthy individuals he compared them to
carried such signs.

Another trial compared 200 Gulf War syndrome patients to 62 healthy
individuals. People with the illness were more than seven times more
likely to have mycoplasm infections, said Nicolson.

Large list of studies that proof that mycoplasma is linked to CFS and
FM !

Micoplasma are smaller than bacteria and viruses. They live *inside*
living cells.
They *can* be treated by using strong antibiotics over a long period.
That's because the antibiotics don't reach the micoplasma easily
because they're hidden inside the cells..
They've already successfully treated CFS with this treatment.. Ofcourse, the
treatment is very dangerous. It lasts months or even years and might
produce antibiotic-resistant strains..
Perhaps DMSO can help a lot because it will let the antibiotics enter
the cells. Just like DMSO is very effective for antifungal treatment of
the toes (mixing the antifungal with DMSO does the trick)..

Let's hope David Gregg can find a (proposed) treatment for mycoplasma, like
he did for Anthrax:

High prevalence of Mycoplasma pneumoniae in intestinal mucosal biopsies
from patients with inflammatory bowel disease an

Among them, the detection rate of M. pneumoniae DNA was significantly
higher in biopsies from patients with CD (59.2%) than in those from
patients with UC (26.3%) or non-IBD controls (37.7%) (chi2 = 13.65, P {
or = 0.001). The high prevalence of M. pneumoniae in both IBD patients
and controls suggest this organism is ubiquitous and may persist in the
intestinal mucosa

Note: This is a very recent study: November 2001

One positive note: This means that when we can eradicate the
micoplasma, that might mean the cure for crohn's (or CFS, or FM, or many other chronic diseases)..
This is revolutionary information..

It's a very sick thought: I now know I got Crohn's because the USA
decided to do some biochemical experiments..
I think the mycoplasma is now progressing to other parts of my body..

Sleep tight ! (23:45 in The Netherlands)

The Netherlands

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