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Asthma and mycoplasma: Another direct link

Thursday, January 17 2002 - Filed under: General


In the past year, an epidemiologic study has been launched and is
currently investigating a group of children who had pneumonia caused by
mycoplasma or chlamydia between seven and nine years ago. Another group
of children who had pneumonia that was not caused by bacteria will
serve as a control group. At this writing, the researchers have found
that 75 percent of the children who had mycoplasma pneumonia now have
asthma. ''This is a very high percentage, since the incidence of asthma
in the general population is only six percent,'' Dr. Martin explains.
While this is a relatively small study which will eventually include 45
children in the study group and 45 controls, it will provide the
preliminary data that is needed to decide whiether to embark on a
larger one.

Most articles on the net don't talk about the origin of these
We know now that they are ''created'' by the army !
I think 9 out of 10 unexplained ''auto-immune'' systems are in fact
mycoplasma infections that can cause a wide variety of symptoms..
Mad Cow disease and alzheimer are among these diseases..

In the near future we might find a single way to treat all these
auto-immune diseases !
This is revolutionary !

The Netherlands

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