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Difficulty of detecting mycoplasma

Thursday, January 17 2002 - Filed under: General

}I have CFIDS and do not have mycoplasma.

Just wondering: How do you know for sure that mycoplasma is not
Has polymeras chain reaction analysis been performed ? I guess it would
be very expensive..
}A new, very sensitive testing method involving DNA based technology has
} been developed that can detect and identify Mycoplasma in the blood.
}In fact, 'Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) analysis can be performed
}with virtually all fluids and tissue biopsy samples' (Dussurget 1994).

I personally think the best anti-bacteria diet is the diet that
contains the least pure foods for the bacteria, and that is glucose.
A low-carb diet.. This will also stop all hypogylcemia symptoms..

Be sure not to use aspartame, because I think it's especially very bad
for people with CFS/CFIDS..

Let me know if you try the licorice..


The Netherlands

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