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Theory on how Mycoplasma might be involved in CFS and how it feeds the nitric oxide vicious cycle

Thursday, January 17 2002 - Filed under: General

Are you familiar with Don Scott's theory from the Common Cause
Foundation ?
He beliefs that most chronic diseases are caused by mycoplasma.

Read about it here:

Medical Research Reveals Disease and Links Cause

}Current medical thought and medical practice in this area originates
}from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA where the CDC
}directives dictate that patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and
}Fibromyalgia should not have a Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) scan,
}because it would probably provide the conclusive physical evidence of
}the disease on the brain or the spinal cord. In most cases (80%) the
}patients will show scarring (lesions) on the brain and /or the spinal
}cord. In Ottawa Canada, the Centre for Control and Prevention of Disease
}tends to adopt the CDC (USA) guidelines.
}There are now over 100,000 registered in the U.S. with Gulf War Illness
}and that's not even counting the family members. In a study in 1994
}which surveyed 1,200 veterans families, 77% of the spouses and 65% of
}the children born after the war were showing the same signs and symptoms
}as the veterans. This suggested that many of the vets had contagious
}diseases. They had some kind of biologic exposure which was being
}transmitted to families.

}When they first started they published work on a study they did on 30 GW
}patients and 21 controls and about half were positive for mycoplasma. 11
}out of 14 recovered after multiple cycles of antibiotics. They did a
}larger stduy of 170 Gulf War patients, 41 non-deployed military
}controls, 76 were positive out of 170 and 58 out of 73 recovered after 6
}cycles of antibiotics.

Could you let me know what you think of his theory ?

If this is true, I think this would present the following theory:

The mycoplasma is the main trigger of the CFS.
It causes the upregulated immune system, cytokines and nitric oxide.
The upregulated nitric oxide then feeds the nitric oxide vicious cycle.
This explains why the licorice works: I downregulates immune system by
stopping the liver from filtering out the cortisol.
This downregulates the nitric oxide production and the nitric oxide
caused chronic fatigue disappears..

The mycoplasma is still there however. When one stops the licorice, the
vicious cycle restarts: The mycoplasma feeds the NO-vicious cycle by
upregulating the immune system..
That's also why the pain in FM doesn't disappear when one uses the
licorice. The licorice only stops the NO-caused damage. The destruction
and deformation of the red blood cells still takes place. The excess
cyanide in the blood, caused by the breaking up of urea by the
mycoplasma, crystalizes inside the red blood cells. The cyanide only
crystallizes on places where the blood pressure is low. This is exactly
on the tender-places of fibromyalgia patients....

I think the proof is overwhelming: 70% of the CFS patients have
mycoplasma and I think there might be some false negatives among these.
60% of Crohn's patients have mycoplasma. Research on mycoplasma:

The first basic steps in treating:

Mycoplasma is an anaerobic bacteria-like organism.
This means it thrives in places where there is less oxygen and it
primarily feeds on glucose.
* Use the low-carb or even zero-carb diet to take away the glucose from
the mycoplasma.. All other cells will happily go on using fatty acids
and ketones. The mycoplasma will starve or will at least stop to
* Use DMSO as an alternative way to get oxygen to the cells ( see )
* Use hydroxocobalamine (Vitamin B12b), which is a very potent nitric
oxide scavenger *AND* it filters the cyanide in the blood

Suggestive evidence:
* Captain David Williams treated the CFS with licorice successfully.
The pains didn't disappear however. When he went on a low-carb diet the
pains disappeared for the largest part..

Please think about it and let me know what you think of it,

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