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''AIDS WAS CREATED BY U.S'' by Boyd Graves

Tuesday, March 12 2002 - Filed under: General

Dr. Boyd E. Graves pictured in the Buckeye Review July 11, 2001. Dr. Graves' activism for the immediate review of the mostly secret U.S. Special Virus program prompted Ohio Congressman James Trafficant to call for an immediate investigation into the US SVCP budget which spent over $550 million tax payer dollars to make HIV/AIDS. Congressman Trafficant's request for immediate review was sent to the U.S. Comptroller General July 19, 2001.

AIDS was invented to wipe out the black people on earth. In 1977, 15,000 gallons of AIDS were produced by a secret federal virus program of the USA Government. In the end, they discovered the virus was more powerful and also killed non-black people.

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