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Reams Biological Theory of Ionization
01/01/2005Balancing upH level
01/08/2004Typical case of how precisely RBTI can determine one's health
19/07/2004RBTI Books
18/04/2004Waar in Nederland RBTI apparatuur bestellen
18/04/2004Waar RBTI supplementen bestellen ?
10/04/2004Where to get the RBTI devices for a low price ?
14/03/2004My adventures with the RBTI
28/02/2004Two cases of psoriasis with virtually identical RBTI figures
18/02/2004Overview of different biological terrain analysis methods
17/02/2004Urine pH plotted in a graph throughout the day
13/06/2003Where to get the RBTI instruments and supplies
05/06/2003Analyzing my RBTI figures further and explaining more of the RBTI
25/05/2003Health and Disease, my latest thoughts
15/05/20031 Month RBTI - A review
14/05/2003Another RBTI diagnosis
11/05/2003An illustrated introduction to the RBTI testing
05/05/2003A very short summary in Dutch on my current situation according to RBTI
05/05/2003A more detailed analysis of my health according to the RBTI
27/04/2003Another Reams profile I tested on Mr. X (anonymous)
26/04/2003My first analysis of my RBTI figures (correct or not ?)

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