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Wheat is the ultimate cancer-feeding food

Friday, April 04 2003 - Filed under: General

> says that glutamine feeds cancer cells..
> Is meat a cancer-feeding food ?

Hi M,

I think you do have a point there. Glutamine is one of the essential foods for cancercells:
>A rich dietary source of glutamine is red meats. This is why excess
>consumption of red meats and other concentrated sources of protein tend
>to promote tumor growth. Since normal cells also require both glucose
>and glutamine, reducing the intake of either to zero would have an
>undesirable outcome. Consumption in moderation (small quantities), along
>with fruits and vegetables seems to be the best approach.

And also:
>I also give reference to a paper that showed that glutamine is an
>absolute requirement for the growth of cancer. Its richest source is

However, cancer needs more than 1 food. It primarily needs the following three conditions:
* Availability of glucose
* Anaerobic surroundings
* Availability of glutamine

So, yes, red meat is extremely dangerous when eaten combined with the SAD (Standard American Diet).
However, when we go for a low-carb diet, with plenty of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and no anti-nutrients, we make the sure the cancer cells can't get glucose and also because of the vitamins/minerals, etc the tissues remain aerobic.. These two factors completely stop the cancer growth in most cases.. The glutamine is of no use to the cancer cells, because the glucose and the absence of anaerobic conditions are already the bottlenecks for their growth..

And, if you check this list below, you will see that for example Melba Toast wheat crackers have the worst amount and ratio of glutamine.. Besides that it's a rich source of glucose and a very bad source for vitamins/minerals and it contains lots of antinutrients..
The real cancer-food: *WHEAT*¬ype=on&sort2=Glutamicacid

Check the links on the Ketogenic diet below for proof that a low-carb diet can easily get rid of most cancers:

Take care,

The Netherlands

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