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Macular Degeneration and other eye problems

Thursday, April 10 2003 - Filed under: General

Update May 25th 2003
Macular degeneration and many other diseases of the eye are caused by high conductivity of the blood. This causes reverse osmosis, increasing the pressure of the eyeball and causing mayham for the eye.
Start drinking the amount of water you should drink (your weight in pounds divided by two and call that ounces) and also drink in small portions of 4-5 oz. per half hour maximum. Otherwise the liver can't handle the water.

But there is also a relation with carbohydrates
Macular degeneration often comes with age.. When the body starts to fail to metabolize carbohydrates correctly and people get obese, the eyes often start to deteriorate also..

One quick solution and prevention:

A low-carb diet .. Also be sure to get rid of the damaging fats in the diet: All poly-unsaturated fats like most vegetable oils..

People following the Optimal Diet (low-carb) have often shown improved vision.. It often reverses macular degeneration and vision has sometimes improved from -4 to 0 !

I'm not sure if it can cure floaters, but I'm quite confident it can prevent floaters and most other eye problems.. The nerves of the eyes are quite sensitive to free radicals and oxydative damage..

Also check

Another important factor ofcourse is the cigarette, which causes major oxydative and radiation damage inside the body and also the eyes..

Another factor to keep in mind is light. During the night, sleep in complete 100% darkness.. Even remove the lighted LCd-display from the alarm-clock.. Swap it with a battery-powered non-backlighted LCD alarm as used by travellers (use batteries instead of the 220V to reduce electrosmog to a minimum)..

Some studies show that children sleeping in lighted rooms have multifold worse sight than children sleeping in complete darkness. Melatonin is one of the best antioxidants available.. Even the slightest amount of light during sleep will decrease melatonin production..

Also be sure to get enough sunlight during the day.. With a good contrast of light (during the day) vs complete darkness (night), the pineal glands produce the most melatonin.

So, summarizing:
* Get rid of carbohydrates in the diet
* Get rid of extremely damaging poly-unsaturated fats in the diet and replace with butter, animal fat, coconut oil and not too much olive oil
* Get enough sunlight during the day
* Sleep in complete darkness during the night

I hope this helps..

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