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Gallstones and Cholesterol

Wednesday, August 06 2003 - Filed under: General

This is what Dr. Carey Reams says about Gallstones:

And this is what Dr. Kwasniewski says about Gallstones:


Gallstones have three different (or overlapping) causes:
* Too much salt in the blood (not drinking enough water)
* Too much glucose in the blood (eating too many carbohydrates)
* Too much poly-unsaturated oils in the blood (eating too many vetetable oils like margarine, sunflower oil, corn oil, etc)

These three causes have in common that they cause deterioriation of the arteries. The liver then starts to produce huge amounts of cholesterol which is used to patch up the damaged arteries.

This excess cholesterol and other salts then form into solids in the gallbladder: Result gallstones..

* Drink more water (read the water-chapter in this article: )
* Eat less carbohydrates (up to 50 grams a day is the best)
* Eat way more saturated fats and stop eating poly-unsaturated oils (all vegetable oils except for olive-oil to some extent)

Read this article to get a feeling of what would be a lot better to eat:

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