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History, Intention and Summary of this site

Friday, September 19 2003 - Filed under: General appeared on the internet somewhere in April/May 2001. Before that, I had already made a health site, which was hosted on a now defunct website. This site was started almost a year earlier, I think October 2000.
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Ed's personal history
I was born in 1978. The first decade of my life was full of fun and happyness. I performed very well at school and had lots of friends. At approximately age 10, I noticed my intestines weren't as strong as those of many other children. When I would get stressed (which I was very easily) it would be projected on my intestines. In retrospect, I now also know I suffered from hypoglycemia. One time, I started crying in the classroom with no apparent reason. As an explanation I told the teacher I was hungry. Then everybody laughed and told me it was such a good joke. Well, in fact, I already knew that my mood would drastically drop when I would get hungry, and most of the times I would get hungry long before the noon-break.

I was quite athletic; I could run faster than any other kid at school and also at soccer I was the fastest, much to the dismay of our opponents    . I also played tennis and did a few years of karate.

High school went just fine and I got through that quite easily (VWO). March 1996 I turned 18 and May/June 1996 I finished my exams with nice grades.

I decided to study Computer Science at the University in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The first year (1996-1997) was quite easy and went flawlessly. I got high grades and finished almost all courses. Alas, I noticed my energy levels were dropping.
The first half of the second year went OK, but then at the 1st of January 1998, a few minutes after 0:00 (newyearsday), I got very ill and had to run to the toilet to empty my stomach. I had eaten cake and drunk champagne.

That's when it went downhill. It took almost two weeks before my intestines and energy levels had recovered somewhat. From then on, it became worse and worse as I had more frequent periods of intestinal problems and low energy levels. After two months I had dropped quite some weight and didn't have any energy left. My grades were dropping rapidly. When I would return from the university I would fall down in the couch and keep lying there the rest of the day. A high contrast with the energetic young guy I used to be. I also suffered from bloating and lots of gas, so bad that I would often run out of bed to the bathroom to vomit. It was hell and unlivable.

My mother got quite anxious and made an appointment with the physician in our town. He then prescribed (a now forbidden drug) Prepulsid. It helped a bit, but I started to loose even more weight. Then my mother ordered the physician to refer me to an internist / specialist.

Then, it must have been August 1998, a couple of terrible scopes were made, which were extremely painful as (as these scopes showed) my intestines were quite heavily inflamed.

It was Crohn's disease, or was it Ulcerative Colitis, the internist wasn't sure. Anyway, he told me it was a chronic disease.. I had never before heard that name, but my life collapsed when I heard it meant I would have this disease for the rest of my life. It was uncurable, which I couldn't accept. First, pentasa and asacol were tried, but I was severely allergic to it, so I had to stop using it. My internist was reluctant to prescribe prednison, but it was the only option that was left. There were not other alternatives like diets or natural therapies he told. I felt so ill I was very lucky to start the prednison, November 1998.

That started a two year period of ups and downs. With the prednison I would feel quite well and energetic, but once I stopped using it, the disease would return with a vengeance. People started telling me it was all in my head. This was quite a nasty period. Check my bloodworks here, .

August 2000, it got quite clear that this wasn't the kind of life I wanted to live. Actually, I started to loose the fear of death. I wasn't planning to take my life, but if I would get killed in an accident or something, I wouldn't have minded much.

That was the turning point, when I realised I didn't value life anymore. I started doing research my self. I had already tried the bloodgroup diet, which actually helped a bit (changed wheat bread for spelt bread), but the inflammation came back quite soon.

I started doing thorough research on the internet, searching the archives, the medical studies online etcetara. To my awe and amazement I found a very, very interesting article which sounded very promising. It was David Gregg's article on treating Crohn's disease at . tried this treatment, but alas it only helped a bit. In a newsgroup someone referred me to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and this was the start of the period of remission which still lasts and probably will last for the rest of my life.

At that time, I was thrilled that I had cured my Crohn's disease (a cure is what I want to call it, you may call it long-term remission if you prefer). At the same time, I started to learn there were ample studies showing that a comparable diet, the elemental diet, worked *better* than prednison, but neither my physician, neither my internist had ever told me about these studies. ( check ).

Why ?
That was the main reason I started this website: I wanted other people to spare the pain and desperation I had experienced. I also understood that most people wouldn't be able to find the studies and articles, as internet wasn't as easy to search as today (Google was barely known).

While I had cured my Crohn's disease, my energy levels weren't as high as before I developed Crohn's disease, so I started a quest for Optimal Health. Right now, at the third birthday of this site, I think I've found the answer, or at least I'm very, very close to it.

I have read lots of books on alternative diets (check ) and have tried most of them. I have even tried a high-fruit diet and a vegetarian diet. Both were quite promising in the short run but eventually turned out to be quite unhealthy.

The Optimal diet
In my opinion, the best diet so far (September 2003), is the Homo Optimus Diet by Dr. Kwasniewski. It's a low carbohydrate diet, with similarities to the Atkins Diet. One big difference: Where Atkins relied on proteins for the most part, Kwasniewski felt (and has studies confirming this) that fats are the best energy source for human beings. Once I made this change in my diet (more fat, less protein, low carbohydrate) I got a lot more energy.

This diet, while extremely high in saturated fats, cholesterol and almost all other ''unhealthy'' food (at least that's what regular medicine claims, without proof by the way), results in the lowest blood cholesterol and triglycerides levels, the highest stamina, the lowest strain on the liver and kidneys, the best skin quality, perfect intestinal quality, perfect brain quality and most important, it makes a person very emotionally stable. This is because fat is the true brainfood, whereas carbohydrates make a person stressed and anxious. The difference is amazing. I've convinced several people to eat this diet and I can see amazing improvements in their social behaviour (as with myself)..

Most, if not all articles on my site are about this, or a comparable diet to treat virtually every disease. you might not believe it, but it even helps for migraine, psoriasis, high blood pressure, autism, schizophrenia and depressions. This is very amazing and unbelievable, but I really believe it's the truth..

I recently noticed the site starts to become a bit dull, because every disease and ailment seems to react very favourably to one single simple treatment: A low-carb, moderate protein, high fat diet. Please check the articles and see for your self.

The site has three main approaches:
* Diet / mineral / vitamin / orthomolecular approach to treating disease
* Energy healing (which includes the recently discovered sungazing)
* New Biology and the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization

The Diet approach is about feeding the body the right nutrients and minerals such that the internal organs work optimally, digestion is not hindered by damaging food substances, the brain gets all the fats it needs and the tissues can be regenerated because of the proper proteins.

Energy healing is about using magnetic waves of different frequencies to regenerate the body or to get rid of bacteria/viri/infections. As Einstein already knew all matter is energy and it all has different frequencies. When the body's frequencies are off, Energy healing can prove to be very powerfull. This related perfectly to the first topic, as minerals also have their own frequencies and the body needs ample supply of all essential minerals. Without enough minerals, the amplitudes of the waves of the body will become weaker and the frequencies will decrease or increase, eventually causing disease. Furthermore, parasites emit their own frequencies which disturb the body's own frequencies. By using energy healing devices like Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillator the body can regain its natural frequencies and overcome disease.
Another very promising means of energy healing (physically and emotionally) is SunGazing, which Mr. Manekji from India is promoting throughout the world.

The New Biology says that bacteria are not our enemy's. They actually are there because we created the perfect conditions for them to thrive. In many cases parasites and bacteria are house-cleaners. When the body has too much toxins in it, because the liver isn't fed properly with the right amounts of water, oxygen, minerals, vitamins and rest (very important), bacteria get attracted to the durt inside the body and start cleaning. When the liver is so weak, the bacteria end up cleaning and digesting an entire body: The host has died. Good health starts by looking at the milieu: Look at the acids, minerals, hydration, salt-levels, toxin-levels inside the body.

When these are in the optimum range, which the genious Dr. Carey Reams discovered, you will be in perfect health with a perfectly functioning liver, kidneys, intestines, pancreas, etc.
By investigating these figures, one can see which minerals and vitamins are in short supply in the body, whether a person is drinking enough low-mineral water, whether a person is eating too many or too few proteins and a lot of other things can be deducted from the 7 figures of the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization test.
The RBTI focuses on recovering the liver, which is most important organ in every mammal. Once the liver gets fed the right vitamins, minerals, the right amount of oxygen and water, and the right ratio's of foods, it will start to regenerate. Once regenerated, it will be able to make all of the 6 billion enzymes which then feed the other organs, so those can regenerate too. It's almost magic, but the possibilites are enourmous.

Combining these three approaches, a superb way to combat disease or improve health can be developed. I ask the visitors of this website to take a look at all three approaches. They are a perfect combination.

As a final word, I want to remind you these nice words from a Yogi I once met:
Don't accept anything as the Truth, not even this.
Stay openminded and you will experience the Truth.
--- Mahavir Yogananda

This also applies to the information on this site. Please do your own research and draw your own conclusions (which might be different than mine)..

Take care,
and may the health be with you soon,

The Netherlands

Added May 2007:
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