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Myasthenia Gravis

Saturday, September 27 2003 - Filed under: General

Myasthenia Gravis is summarized as the following disease:

''Severe muscle weakness becomes increasingly more common in recent times. The classical disease with severe muscle weakness is myasthenia gravis or M.G. It is most common in young women, although it may develop at any age and in both sexes. Males are more affected in their later decades of life.

Certain muscles become chronically weak and easily fatigued. Most affected are the muscles of the head and neck, later progressively also the muscles of the chest and limbs. The first sign of myasthenia gravis is usually a drooping eyelid (ptosis). Frequently double vision (diplopia) develops as the disease progresses, also difficulty chewing or swallowing or even breathing. The speech may be slurred and the vision blurred. Usually the condition becomes worse as the day progresses.''

From: (an excellent article on this disease)

I think the Homo Optimus diet might just be the perfect diet to put this disease into remission. Please read the Homo Optimus articles on this site and on the sites linked at

Please also read this article, , which says:

{ During World War 2 myasthenia gravis developed in prisoners of war in Singapore, which was attributed to malnutrition. A high-vitamin nutritious diet with plenty of yeast and liver soon restored these patients to normal. In Europe were reports of almost an epidemic of myasthenia gravis following the war. Also other myasthenia gravis cases have been reported with more or less permanent remissions as long as a highly nutritious diet was used. }

Now, you might have the answer to your disease in your hands, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so to speak.. Please let us know your results. I have good faith this might be the answer you were looking for..

Good luck,


P.S. You might also trust this information on this site more ( ) and stick to the ''no special diet'' advice and use the following symptom-depressing medications: ''Anti-cholinesterase drugs to restore normal muscle function. Excessive doses may cause weakness.
Cortisone drugs.
Immunosuppressive medications'' ..
It's all up to you.    *

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