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Schizophrenia : Caused by grains !

Monday, October 06 2003 - Filed under: General

Schizophrenia is a disease characterized by frequent (or less frequent) cases of psychoses. People loose touch with reality. Often, people are also depressed.

Regular treatments use agressive pharmaceutical drugs to stop the psychoses, but often to no avail. Patients become socially inactive and suffer tremendously from this ailment.

New Treatments:
First, I urge you to read the abstract of this study from 1984:

Is Schizophrenia rare if grain is rare ?

This summarizes it:
''Only two overtly insane chronic schizophrenics were found among over 65,000 examined or closely observed adults in remote regions of Papua New Guinea (PNG, 1950-1967) and Malaita , Solomon Islands (1980-1981), and on Yap , Micronesia (1947-1948). In preneuroleptic Europe over 130 would have been expected. When these peoples became partially westernized and consumed wheat, barley beer, and rice, the prevalence reached European levels.''

Here is a more detailed article on this same subject, with exactly the same conclusion:

Schizophrenia doesn't exist in countries were no grains are eaten:

The Solution
Very simple: STOP EATING GRAINS, which includes bread, rice, pasta, macaroni, spaghetti, corn, wheat, rye and all other grains. Also exclude other starches and refined sugars from the diet.

Use a diet like the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to regain your health and wish the psychoses goodbye.
Please check out for several SCDiet sites in many languages.

Here's an example of what the Specific Carbohydrate can accomplish (2 schyzophrenic kids): .

If you want to regain your health the fastest and most powerful way, use the Homo Optimus diet. References can be found from the index page of this website, . But still use the SCDiet guidelines which say: No unfermented diary, i.e. all dairy must be lactose free, such as self-made 24 hour SCD-yogurt or 24 hour self made SCD-cream.

The Homo Optimus is very much comparable to the SCDiet, but defines the optimal ratio's between fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

If you really can't get yourself to try these diets, there is also a mineral approach, which is a good 2nd bet:
{Just briefly.... have you checked out the site? They are getting excellent results with their mineral supplement and the theory behind it (pigs aggressive behaviour) is also onsite...supplements are available worldwide. It's expensive but surely worth a try. Their follow up is excellent. A friend of mine is taking the powder and maintaining a good
recovery from manic depression.}

About the genes
That fact that a person has schyzophrenia doesn't in any case imply he has defective or bad genes. His genes might be slightly different, such that he/she develops problems earlier from eating a low-nutrient, human-incompatible diet. But if this person was to eat a healthy high-mineral diet all his life, schyzophrenia wouldn't have been diagnosed ever. This is the case for almost all diseases in the Western World. A low-mineral, unhealthy, high-carbohydrate diet causes the spilling of minerals and/or the bad absorption of minerals and every disease is nothing more than a specific pattern of mineral deficiencies. By overcoming these deficiencies virtually all disease can be cured/put in remission. The diet is the best long term approach to improving health. Mineral supplements help, but without changing the diet, it's not the perfect solution.

Good luck,

The Netherlands

Interesting replies from the Healingcrow group:
Hi Ed,
So glad you have brought this important aspect of diet to the list.
There is a large body of evidence that agrees with the nutritional approach
to mental illness. Professor Dohan published a paper in ( I believe) the
1960's linking grain with behavioural problems. My son was diagnosed with
schizophrenia in 1990 and it was through The Schizophrenia Association of
Great Britain ( ) who are dedicated to the nutritional
approach, that I discovered Breaking the Vicious Cycle. Within 3 months of
being SCD compliant he had recovered miraculously.... Chapter 7!! However he
did not maintain this recovery as the medics insisted that he remained on
medication which, in a healthy body, causes schizophrenic symptoms.

There is a website with information on supplementation: This is an organisation based in Canada who are having
huge success in this area and are currently experiencing the problems we
have learned to expect from ''vested interests''. Mental health is a global
money spinner of mind boggling proportions and any suggestion that diet or
supplements can ''cure'' anything sends out instant ripples of panic and press
reports of the dangers of supplements!

My son had blood tests done privately and was found to be deficient in B
vitamins, EFA's,histamine, magnesium, zinc, potassium, chromium and selenium
& to have high serum folate whilst having poor induction of metallothionine
and poor B6 activation. His recovery was greeted with astonishment by the
mental health workers and dismissed out of hand by the psychiatrist who
seemd to think it was some sort of witchcraft!!!

The action of grain is, I think, not clearly understood but my feeling is
that it's a slow process of acquired malnutrition as the phytates in wheat
combine with certain minerals making them unavailable to the body, and this,
combined with all the other assaults on our wellbeing from over prescribing
of antibiotics, soil mineral depletion, food processing, pesticides,
herbicides etc. etc. give rise to ill health. It then depends on our
individual genetic makeup as to which disease we fall prey to. This is where
individual specific testing of nutritional status along with testing for
bacterial overgrowth and parastite infestation is of crucial importance to
all of us in any medical protocol.

A very good book on the topic of psychiatric medication and how it has
evolved to the detriment of sufferers is ''Mad in America- the enduring
mistreatment of the Mentally Ill'' by Robert Whittaker.

And here's another reply
* Elaine = Elaine Gottschall, the author of Breaking The Vicious Cycle, the book in which she presents the SCDiet
* bm = bowel movement
I have a personal experience with grain inducted schizophrenia.

My mother was (is?) schizophrenic. When I was a child she would have phycotic break and beat us unnaturally. When I was a child she would have the worst smelling bm's. I can remember the stench would fill the house. About 15 year ago she was diagnosed with celiac and stopped the wheat. I will say that she ate a tremendous amount of sugar and rice still. At some point during the last 7 years I was diagnosed with a fistula and was having very bad bathroom issues. But what surprised me the most was that my bm's began to smell like my mother's did when I was a child. I began to explore celiac but noted that I just switched from bread to sugar (chocolate) and that it made no difference in my health and well being. Someone on the celiac list wrote one day to dish Elaine saying that as soon as she read in the book that celiac could be curd she threw the book away, not believing it. I think she was a fool. But she pecked my curiosity and I bought her book. It made the difference I was looking for. Having read a lot of the research out of England on schizophrenia and gluten I realized that the sugar and rice was part of my mothers illness. I got her to get the book and it has made a major difference for her too. She says she different and I can see the defense. Were both using a lot of oregano and I hope to get her leaning towards Homo optimus.
So that's my dealing with it.

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