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Sarcoidosis: Can be treated with Homo Optimus diet

Monday, October 06 2003 - Filed under: General

My mother suffers from sarcoidosis. This disease is characterized by the formation of granulomas, small areas of inflamed cells. These can be located inside the body (lungs, brains, eyes, any place) or on the skin.

Regular treatments:
Prednison and other immune-depressing medications are used (medicine = medium cine, which means: A means to project.. It's fighting the symptoms, not the cause).

New treatments:
As I had such high succes treating my own disease, Crohn's disease, which was ''supposed'' to be incurable, I started looking for a way to heal Sarcoidosis.

Soon after I found several testimonials which stated that grains, sugars and pasturized milk were aggravating the disease and the leaving out these foods put the disease in remission quite often. Check for some of these articles / testimonials.

I proposed to my mother that she would follow these dietary guidelines. Soon after I discovered the Homo Optimus Diet and proposed she would use this diet. Soon after, the granulomas on her nose and her skin in general were diminishing in size. Her skin became more beatiful overall. Furthermore she became more energetic and more emotionally balanced.

I believe this diet has reversed Sarcoidosis. It was probably just in time because recent tests (before starting the diet) had showed that her lung capacitiy had decreased quite a bit and that granulomas were starting to form in her head, near or in her brains.

I strongly believe the cessation of granule-formation on the skin reflects the disease activity (passivity) inside the body and believe she is cured.

People often conclude a disease is caused by ''faulty genes''. This is not the case. Our genes are perfect, however, some persons have specific genes which make this person more vulnerable to a bad diet, like the grain-laden, sugar-laden Western diet. Once we return to a healthy diet like the Homo Optimus diet or the Specific Carbohydrate diet many diseases which supposedly are caused by bad genes disappear.

Take care,

The Netherlands

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