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Cancer treatment

Sunday, November 16 2003 - Filed under: General

Cancer Protocol
Disclaimer: This cancer protocol is to be used on your own risk.
Don't just assume I'm an expert (which I'm not) and completely rely on my expertise (which I don't have).
Instead do your own research and understand why the protocol is as it is.
You must take complete responsability for your own health and life.

This protocol is based on the following premise:
* Cancer cells are rebelling cells that don't get enough nutrients and oxygen
* Cancer cells are, like prokaryotic cells, anaerobic and can't utilize fats
* Cancer cells feed on glucose, so we need to prevent high blood sugars
* The liver, the pancreas are the most important organs to regenerate: These (and other) organs are severely damaged in a person with cancer, but can be regenerated/healed
* We can assume a deficiency of pancreatic enzymes. Protease, one of the enzymes of the panreas is needed to ''digest'' tumors, but it's also needed for protein digestion.
* Cancer cells will return to a semi-normal state when fed the right nutrients. After a while they will commit cell-death and hence the cancer cells will be removed from the body
* We can expect major detoxification of the body in the forms of both dead cells (cancer cells and regenerated cells) and metabolic waste, so we need to drink lots of water
* We can expect major detoxification, so we need to clean the intestines and make sure the liver can do its job
* DMSO and vitamins and minerals are used to get the cells plenty of oxygen
* The body needs an optimal amount and ratio of minerals to make sure the ''terrain'' inside the body doesn't allow cancer-causing microbes to form.

This protocol is based on, and is a combination of the following
* David Gregg's Cancer treatment (making sure cells can breath oxygen again and get enough minerals and vitamins for their metabolism). and
* Dr. Kelley's Cancer treatment (rebuilding the liver and pancreas and at the same time lower stress on these organs by eating raw eggs, raw liver, raw pancreas. Raw foods need less digestive enzymes).
* The many studies that show that a ketogenic diet makes tumors shrink in size, as they get no more glucose.
* The Homo Optimus Diet guidelines (high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate diet stresses the liver and kidneys the least) and
* The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (to improve intestinal health, very important to absorb vitamins and minerals)
* The Raw Paleolithic Diet (to get more enzymes and life-energy from the foods we eat, much needed when a person suffers from cancer)
* The terrain / pH view on disease, like in these two articles: and .

I strongly advise the reader to completely read and fully understand the information in the articles above.
Remember: It's your responsability to heal and survive. You can't just rely on one so-called-expert to do all reasoning and research for you.

The Protocol - The Why's
Our goal is to clean the body and replenish the vitamin and mineral stores and make sure all cells get plenty of oxygen.
By doing this, we change the terrain/milieu/environment inside the body.
I believe cancerous cells are not an enemy: They are the result of a person's neglect of his/her body.
When a body is completely toxified by a bad diet (the Standard American Diet is one), bad lifestyle, drug-abuse (including alcohol and tobacco) and negative thoughts.
Our body is so strong, it can survive years and years of abuse, but at some time, cells in your body won't get enough energy and oxygen to survive and they will transform into the ancient cell we all evolved from: The prokaryotic cell, like in bacteria.
The prokaryotic cell, unlike the eukaryotic cell, is able to survive in an oxygen-deprived, mineral-deprived and vitamin-deprived environment. The normal cells in our body, the eukaryotic cells need oxygen, vitamins and minerals to be able to survive.
So, now we have rebellous cells in our body, which function like prokaryotic cells. They feed on glucose, don't need any oxygen (they are anaerobic) and grow in an uncontrolled fashion and don't have a cell-death mechanism (they won't recycle themselves).
Furthermore, we need to restore the mineral deficiencies in the body, such that it can restore the healthy terrain/soil. A good terrain will only allow beneficial bacteria and protits to live in harmony with the body.

What will we do now ?
Our prime objective is to make sure no more cells turn into prokaryotic cancerous cells. We can accomplish this by making sure all cells get enough oxygen, vitamins and minerals.
We achieve this goal by adjusting the diet to a natural high-mineral, high-vitamin diet and we also supplement massive doses of vitamins and minerals.
Furthermore we use MSM and DMSO: These molecules can transport oxygen in and out of cells, even when the body's oxygen transport system (red blood cells) isn't working anymore.

Our second objective is to make sure the (still) healthy cells are fed properly while the prokaryotic cancerous cells aren't fed the food they need to grow.
This is accomplished by using a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet. Check the studies on the ketogenic diet for convincing evidence, that this an effective approach.

Our third objective is to make sure the body can detoxify sufficiently. Lots and lots of toxins and dead cells will be released once we start healing.
The liver and the kidneys and the colon are the most important organs for this job.
The liver and the kidneys should be stressed as little as possible. This is also accomplished by using a high-fat, low-carbohydrate and moderate protein diet.
Read here why this diet is the best for the liver and kidneys: <AHOA link> . Furthermore we need to eat liver and other organs, so we get enough nutrients to regenerate these organs in our body.

Our fourth objective is to make sure the cancerous cells can be cleaned as fast as possible.
Dr. Kelley believes the pancreas enzyme protease does this. This enzyme is used to digest proteins, but it's also used to ''digest'' unwanted cells.
We can assume the pancreas is in a very poor shape when cancer is diagnoses in a person. We will lower the stress on the pancreas by reducing our carbohydrate intake (no more need to produce much insulin), we will eat raw pancreas to let the pancreas regenerate itself.
We will also try to make the amount of protease in the body as high as possible. We can accomplish this by eating raw foods, which need a lot less digestive enzymes as they come with their own enzymes (these get lost during the cooking).
Furthermore we will eat all the proteins in one meal. The rest of the day, all protease can be used to digest cancerous cells instead of digesting (excess) proteins.

Our fifth objective is to restore mineral stores and balances in the body: For this we use the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization.

The Protocol - The implementation
* Raw, organic goat milk from pastured animals(raw cow's milk will do)
* Raw, organic goat cream from pastured animals(raw cow's cream will do)
* Organic chicken eggs from pastured animals (try to find eggs from chickens who eat lots of worms and insects and low amounts of grains)
* Small amount of commercial full-fat, natural yogurt (without flavors)
* Raw, organic coconut butter
* Low-carb berries of some kind: Strawberries, blueberries, etc
* DMSO and/or MSM
* High vitamin, high mineral supplements (I've seend good results with David Gregg's Krysalis Sparx and Aerobic Boost)
* Raw, organic beef/lamb liver from pastured animals
* Raw, organic beef/lamb pancreas from pastured animals or use freeze-dryed pancreas extract
* Carrots
* An electric oven or another appliance to heat milk at 40 degrees Celcius for 26 hours
* Vegetable Juicer
* A blender
* The meassuring devices to get the 7 Reams Biological Theory of Ionization figures. These are then used to deduct which minerals you should supplement to restore the healthy terrain in the body. Alternatively you can search for an RBTI nutritionist in your neighbourhood.

Preparing the foods in advance:
We will be making raw home-made yogurt which is high in probiotics and enzymes.
Fill a bowl with raw milk (make as much as you find handy).
Add about 10% of the commercial yogurt to it
Place in an oven at 40 degrees celcius for 26 hours (2 hours to reach 40 degr. Celcius and then 24 hours to ferment)
After 26 hours, the yogurt is ready. Place in the refridgerator.

We will be making raw home-made scream which is high in probiotics and enzymes.
Fill a bowl with raw cream (make as much as you find handy).
Add about 10% of the commercial yogurt to it
Place in an oven at 40 degrees celcius for 26 hours (2 hours to reach 40 degr. Celcius and then 24 hours to ferment)
After a few hours, a layer of fat is on the surface. Scrape it off and push it under. The layer of fat might hinder the fermenting bacteria.
After 26 hours, the cream is ready. Place in the refridgerator.

* 3 eggs
* 200 ml of home-made yogurt (about 7 ounces)
* Handful of berries
* 50 grams of coconut butter

Place in a blender and blend. This produces a smoothy.
Take the vitamin and mineral supplements after this smoothy.

Two-three hours later
We will now eat the remaining proteins. Check Dr. Kelleys article for details on how to prepare.
* Liver
* Pancreas
* Carrots

Use the juicer to make carrot juice
Add the liver and pancreas
Place in a blender and blend. Might not taste too good, but is very important.
Take the vitamin and mineral supplements after this organ-drink.

Rest of the day
All you eat the rest of the day is. Eat when you feel hungry.
* Fermented cream with berries
* Fresh home-made salads with raw extra virgin olive oil

Is this all ?
Yes, this is all you should eat. Especially make sure not to eat any more proteins or carbohydrates. These stress the body and feed the cancerous cells.

Try to not eat after 7PM and go to bed before 11PM. That way the body can do housekeeping during the night and not be stressed by digesting/processing foods.

Make sure you drink plenty of water: Either distilled, reverse osmosis or very low mineral bottled water is the best.

The liver, the kidneys and the colon
I believe this diet will take care of the liver and kidneys quite well.
The colon will need extra cleaning, especially with cancer. A Coffee-enema would be a good way. More in Dr. Kelley's book.

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Please note: The information on this website is not a recommendation for treatment. Anyone reading it should consult his/her physician before considering treatment. The author and publisher can't be held responsible for anything. Use on your own risk.