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The three most damaging foods to our health: Wheat, Cowmilk and Soy

Wednesday, March 24 2004 - Filed under: General

Wheat, cow's milk and soy have something in common:
* They contain a large amount of glue in the form of gluten, (alpha-s-1-) casein and the sticky protein in soy
* They contain large amounts of neurotoxins like glutamin

This combination is what causes a large range of diseases:
Glue damages the intestines
The glues are devastating to the wall of the intestines and primarily the duodenum. The glues destroy the vili in the duodenum causing maldigestion and malabsorption (read IBS/IBD). It also causes leaky gut, which is the cause of secondary food allergies like the ones to eggs,shellfish and banana's.
Neurotoxins kill neurons in the brain
But then the neurotoxins in these foods come into picture: They can easily pass through the damaged intestines and then cause extreme havoc in the brains. They cause rapid firing of the neurons in the brains, causing problems like brain fogs up to epilepsy.

Every disease is a specific pattern of mineral deficiencies
Because every disease is nothing more and nothing less than a specific pattern of mineral deficiencies, we can appreciate how bad these glue-foods are to our health. They hinder mineral absorption up to the point of causing severe mineral deficiencies. Some people discover that simply leaving out these foods, can within a month reverse diseases like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. In humans and dogs, removal of the glues *and* the neurotoxins causes almost instant remission from epilepsy attacks.

If you don't believe about the glues in the foods, please check this:
All these three products are sold in the form of glue:
Soy Glue
Wheat Glue
Casein Glue

That makes you think.

The Answer by J. Dogtor explains how these foods (and some other foods) are the cause of most disease and how by simply removing them from the diet you can reverse disease and improve health.
The Answer:

Please give it a good look and be sure to read his online published book, The Answer:

A short list of the results people have seen after implementing a grain-free, dairy-free and soy-free diet:

Good luck !

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