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Tuesday, April 06 2004 - Filed under: General

Many people are bothered with constipation and obstipation.

What is constipation
{Constipation is passage of small amounts of hard, dry bowel movements, usually fewer than three times a week. People who are constipated may find it difficult and painful to have a bowel movement. Other symptoms of constipation include feeling bloated, uncomfortable, and sluggish.}

What causes constipation
Constipation has nothing to do with fibers. Doctors and dietitians often promote the use of fibers to prevent or treat constipation. In effect grains often aggravate constipation. Why is that ?
There are three types of foods that aggravate constipation:
* Grains
* Heated protein foods (above 40 degrees C)
* Dairy products


{To prevent being consumed, lots of plants contain toxic or anesthetic substances. By nature, wheat contains some extremely powerful opioid peptides. (5). Some of these molecules even are 100 times more powerful than a morphine molecule. (6) Therefore, wheat-opioid peptides can anaesthetize the bowels so much that constipation is caused. (7) These peptides are enclosed in special proteins: gluten, and are set free by the digestion-enzymes.

Wheat products like bread (especially whole meal bread), cookies, pastries and pasta's are not just wheat products, but also are prepared proteinacous food. And due to the influence of heat, proteins are chemically changed. Some damaged opioid peptides are extremely hard to decompose by enzymes. (8) Moreover, some originated beta-carbolines (9) and other damaged proteins (10) inhibit those enzymes.} Read on:

Heated protein foods
{Cooking is unnatural, and so is constipation in adults.
Due to the influence of heat, in cooked foods new substances originate. Among these are beta-carbolines. A part of these beta-carbolines is anesthetic. The anesthetic effect of these beta-carbolines slows the bowels down so much that constipation can result. (1) Especially prepared proteinacous food causes constipation, like cheese, tofu and heated-in-any-way- (or canned) meat, fish and any other proteinous food.} Read on:

Dairy products
{To make sure suckling drink enough mothers? milk, and get enough sleep, mother?s milk of every mammal contains opioid peptides (2), enclosed in special proteins; casein, lactalbumin, beta-lactaglobulin and lactoferrin.

The sedative effect of these peptides however can also cause constipation (3).Babies easily absorb these molecules into the blood, but in older people a larger part remains in the digestive tract, sedating the bowels more effectively. These opioid peptides are relatively indigestible (4), and therefore can anaesthetize the bowels before they are decomposed.

Butter does not cause constipation, containing only very little protein, but lots of bowel stimulating fat.} Read on:

The real cause of constipation
Above factors, eating grains, dairy or heated protein foods aggravate constipation. But why do some people become constipated more easily than other people ?
The explanation is in the realm of mineral deficiencies. Mineral deficiencies cause unbalances in pH regulation in the body. A deficiency of calcium lactate for example causes and alkaline body tissue while a deficiency of calciumcarbonate causes acid body tissue.
The pH also affects the bowels: High pH's (alkaline situation) causes slowing down of the natural movement (peristalsis ) of the bowel. Low pH's (acid situation) causes speeding up of the peristalsis. Crohn's disease patients sufferers often have acid excess in their tissue. This also causes the bowels to become too acid. This is what causes too fast bowel movement and a tendency towards diarrea.
People who have alkaline excess have slow to very slow bowel peristalsis and this causes constipation. Because of the constipation the bowel is filled with toxins which keep being absorbed into the blood stream. The liver is then under a very heavy load to detoxify these toxins. That's why constipation is often accompanied by feeling sluggish and brain fogs.
To really get rid of constipation and all symptoms of it, you should rebuild the mineral stores. Using the RBTI (check and search for Reams or RBTI) you can pinpoint the mineral deficiencies and make them disappear by using specific mineral supplements and adapting the diet.

SCDiet helps to stop constipation
The SCDiet often heals constipation. Why is that ? Because the SCDiet is a diet very high in mineral and vitamins and it improves bowel health which in effect increase successfull mineral absorption. Over time, the mineral deficiencies disappear and hence the constipation disappears. This may take several months.
More on the SCDiet, check

The mercury-factor
Because of my mercury-detox-experiences I know that mercury also has a constipating effect, as mercury affects the nerve-endings in the intestines. Alas, the major detox-route for mercury is through the bile and then the intestines. Getting rid of mercury in your body will really help to get rid of constipation. But the process of mercury chelation will worsen the constipation. A difficult situation with no real solution as the chelation process can take months, if not years to complete. A carbon-supplement might help (Norit is a Dutch brand for it) to bind heavy metals such that they don't contact the lining of the intestines. I believe mercury also strongly increases mucus production, the natural defence against toxic stuff.

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