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Gilles de Tourette Syndrome

Friday, April 09 2004 - Filed under: General

Tourette Syndrome is an inherited, neurological disorder characterized by repeated and involuntary body movements (tics) and uncontrollable vocal sounds. In a minority of cases, the vocalizations can include socially inappropriate words and phrases -- called coprolalia. These outbursts are neither intentional nor purposeful. Involuntary symptoms can include eye blinking, repeated throat clearing or sniffing, arm thrusting, kicking movements, shoulder shrugging or jumping.


Overgrowth of yeast in the intestines is probably the real cause for Gille de Tourette Syndrome, just like overgrowth of microbes in the intestines is probably the real cause of autism, ADHD and several other mental disease.

Even if there is a genetic factor, it only means that you might have a higher tendency to get yeast overgrowth.. But then, it's still a minor factor. Factors like diet (high carbohydrate diets can cause yeast overgrowth very easily) and antibiotic and medication use are the real factors..

Yeasts produce toxins which then get absorbed in the intestines. The liver tries to detoxify the blood up to a certain extent, but even small amounts of these toxins can upset the brain and activate certain brain zones which can cause the tics. Or the hyperactivity in ADHD, or the psychosis in schizophrenia, or symptoms associated with autism.

How to treat ?
First and most important is to change to a more natural diet which doesn't feed the critters in the intestines anymore. The SCDiet is the perfect diet for this goal. Please check for more information.

If, after a few months, the diet isn't enough to get rid of all symptoms (most will probably disappear quite swiftly), you might have to look for some extra ''afterburners'' to get 100% symptom free.

Fresh, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil. One or more tablespoons per day can help a lot.
There also several seed extracts and herbs which have potent anti-fungal and anti-yeast effects.
The probiotics in the home-made 24-hour fermented SCD yogurt are very powerful also.
You might also want to give Primal Defense HSO Probiotics and Fungal Defense a try.

If that also isn't enough you might need to find a doctor who can do some tests to identify the yeast and then prescribe Nyastin or other comparable anti-yeast medication.
Here's a nice article on that subject:

Anti Biotics
Anti biotics are very often the cause for bowel dysbiosis. By killing certain species of bacteria you leave lots of free space for other microbes. Yeasts and fungi often overgrow in those situation. They make use of their window of opportunity so to say. Once, they are in an overgrown situation, it gets very difficult to let the natural ''friendly'' micro-organism demand back their own place in the intestines.
So, please, please say no to antibiotics unless there is no alternative.

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