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Saturday, June 05 2004 - Filed under: General

Cellulite is starting to be considered ''normal'', because almost every woman has it. Fact is, it ain't normal.

Like acne and dandruf, cellulite is caused by increased water presure in the skin. This is explained in detail on Wai Genriiu's website ( ).

Here follows a short summary:
Cellulite and acne are caused by excessive water pressure in the upper layer of the skin. This pressure causes the blocking of pores (acne) and the ''pushing out'' of fat cells (cellulite).

So, what causes water retention / excessive water pressure in the skin ?
There are several factors that can cause water retention:
* Eating cooked proteins
* Eating salts and spices
* Eating too much protein-foods (even when raw and unprepared)
* Eating foods causing high blood sugars
* Constipation aggravates the condition because it causes excessive proteins to leak through the bowel
* An impaired hormone metabolism because you're for example using the anticonception pill or steroids (prednison, or otherwise)

Cooked proteins are damaged proteins because the heating causes cross-linking of proteins. The body can't utilize these damaged proteins and instead of ending up in your muscles or tissues, they end up in the blood and eventually in the skin, increasing water pressure, because these proteins attract water.

Salts and spices
If you eat too much salts and spices this will increase water retention. It's also important to drink enough water, because the lymph and blood need enough fluid to be able to excrete the ''dirty'' proteins.

High blood sugars
High blood sugars cause water retention also. A low carbohydrate decreases blood sugar levels to low and balanced levels. That's why people quickly loose 2-3 kg in the first few days of starting such a diet.

Protein foods, even when raw
Even raw proteins can increase protein levels in the blood and hence also in the skin. And these will also attract water and hence water retention will be the result. So, it's important to eat enough protein, but to not overdo it.

With constipation the digestion takes too long and excessive proteins can be absorbed through the wall of the colon. This eventually also increases water retention in the skin.

Anti-conception pill, steroids
These increases water retention and hence can cause acne, cellulite and/or dandruf.

The Solution
The most important factor is to get rid of grains in the diet. Most people don't know it, but grains are very high in protein (not neccesarily in the right proportions for human needs) and grains can only be eaten when heated. Furthermore grains contain specific substances which paralise the intestines, causing constipation. Of high importance is also that grains can also easily cause high blood sugar and hence even more water retention.

The step above might be sufficient in lots of cases. If it's not enough, then the next step is to make sure you're reducing the amount of heated proteins in the diet. Eat more fats and less proteins to start with.
Next, try to swap heated proteins for raw proteins like raw egg yolks, raw fish or raw meat.
Also eat salads with generous amounts of olive oil and coconut fat.

If even that isn't enough, then you need to adopt to the full Wai protocol on . Good luck

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